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Model, architectural Model, architectural

Architect's model, in five parts, of an 18th century house of dark brown varnished oak, said to be Valleyfield House

Model aeroplane Model aeroplane

Silver model of a Lancaster aircraft presented to Air Chief Marshal The Honourable Sir Ralph Cochrane by Number 5 Group

Model tank Model tank

Wooden model tank, made by a German prisoner for Corporal A.L. Sneddon, Cameronians, World War I

Model Model

Original model of the Reverend Patrick Bell's reaping machine, known as Bell's reaper, constructed in 1826-1827

Model / ship, merchant Model / ship, merchant

D'Bataviase Eeuw (The Batavian Century), model (scale 1:27) of a Dutch East Indiaman merchant ship, probably made to celebrate the centenary of Batavia (Jakarta) founded by the Dutch East India Company (Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie) in 1619, model made about 1719

Locomotive Locomotive

Model of the Wylam Dilly locomotive, made in the Museum workshop to a scale of 4 inches to 1 foot, 1885, the original designed and constructed by William Hedley in 1813

Steamship engine Steamship engine

Sectional models of the engines of SS. 'Zealandia' and 'Australia', to a scale of 1 1/2 inches to 1 foot, made in the Museum workshop from drawings given by Messrs Elder and Co., Glasgow, 1898

Moon globe Moon globe

Lade's relief model of the moon, by Dietrich Reimer (Ernst Vohsen), Berlin, 1899

Locomotive Locomotive

Working model of the Victoria, scale 1:8, c. 1837, an early form of locomotive designed by Edward Bury and built by Edward Bury and Co., Liverpool, c. 1830, for the London and Birmingham Railway

Telescope Telescope

Contemporary wooden model of the Earl of Rosse's reflecting telescope with a three foot diameter speculum, showing the method of mounting it, made at Birr Castle, Ireland, c. 1840

Orrery Orrery

Orrery according to Copernicus, showing the planets with their satellites revolving round the sun, the whole being enclosed in a glass globe, by Sendtner, Munich, 1913

Tower clock Tower clock

Working model of a tower clock fitted with Lord Grimthorpe's escapement and striking the hours and Westminster quarters on five tubular bells, with pendulum adjustment weights, to a scale of 6 inches to 1 foot, by James Ritchie and Son, Edinburgh

Boiler, marine Boiler, marine

Model of a single furnace marine boiler with return tubes

Marine engine Marine engine

Model of a marine engine with two horizontal cylinders and modified Stephenson valve gear, built by Messrs Humphreys and Tennant of Deptford, London, to a scale of 1:12

Penn oscillating engine Penn oscillating engine

Model of Penn oscillating engine and paddles, brass, made to a scale of 1:16, 1840

Model Model

Small model of a human head with long hair for electrical experiments, used by Fox Talbot, unsigned, c. 1850

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