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Sword, hunting Sword, hunting

Hunting sword or whinger, the interlace carved on its wooden grip similar to that on many Highland dirks, with a scabbard showing pockets for a small knife and fork, and a fork, c. 1700

Sword Sword

Officer's sword with gilt gothic hilt and 21st (Royal North British Fusiliers) Regiment of Foot decoration and motifs, the single-edged, fullered, curved, blade is etched with Crimea battle honours and is decorated with 'Royal Scots Fusiliers' and marked 'Restored by Wilkinson Pall Mall London', in brass scabbard, owned by Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Arthur Hazlerigg, 1855 - 1880

Sword Sword

Presentation sword with a gold hilt decorated with diamonds and enamel work, and gold mounted leather scabbard, presented to General Sir David Baird by the field officers who served under him for his capture of the fortress of Seringapatam, Mysore, India, 1799

Bracket Bracket

Bracket or shoe for scabbard (Doppsko till svärdsslide) of iron, Iron Age, from Denmark

Bracket Bracket

Bracket or shoe for scabbard (Doppsko till svärdsslide) of bronze, Bronze Age, from Denmark

Scabbard, sword Scabbard, sword

Bronze sword scabbard with late Celtic ornamentation, from Morton Hall, Pentland, Midlothian, 1st - 2nd century AD

Scabbard, sword / chape Scabbard, sword / chape

Scabbard chape with ornamental scrolls, from Houndslow, Westruther, Berwickshire, 100 BC - 0

Scabbard, sword / chape Scabbard, sword / chape

Silver scabbard chape with Latin inscriptions, animals and fish, Pictish, from St Ninian's Isle, 8th century

Scabbard, sword / chape Scabbard, sword / chape

Scabbard chape of silver with zoomorphic terminals with glass insets for eyes, Pictish, from St Ninian's Isle, 8th century

Sword Sword

Double edged sword of iron with a fragmentary scabbard, part of a Viking grave assemblage from Balnakeil, Durness, Sutherland

Scabbard, dirk Scabbard, dirk

Leather dirk scabbard with two remaining brass mounts, the top one engraved "AC", the other with a pierced heart, found in an old kist in the Gateside Smithy near Beith, c. 1960

Court sword Court sword

Court sword and scabbard, with curved blade of steel, scabbard of wood encrusted in gold with the Tokugawa crest (three hollyhock leaves), with furniture and mounts wrought in egg-roe shakudo, given to John Richard Davidson by the Japanese government: Japan, blade by Fujiwara no Yukihiro, 1661 – 1672, mount 19th century

Short sword Short sword

Short sword (aikuchi), with a single-edged blade of steel, a wooden hilt, and a black-lacquered wooden scabbard: Japan, blade signed by Kanenori, 16th century, hilt 19th century

Aikuchi Aikuchi

Short sword, or aikuchi, with a single-edged blade engraved and signed, scabbard of shitan wood decorated in gold lacquer with plants and insects, with shibuichi mounts including lotus and frogs on the hilt, and a utility knife (kozuka): Japan, blade by Kanesada

Wakizashi Wakizashi

Wakizashi or companion sword, with a single-edged steel blade, a ray skin grip wrapped with silk cord, a red lacquer scabbard, and a kozuka ornamented with a whale in waves: Japan, signed by Yamashiro no Kami Kunishige, 1727

Scabbard, sword Scabbard, sword

Sword scabbard of wood bound with red cotton cloth, with 'mounts' of gilt twine: Indonesian, Sumatra, Battak Mountains, Brastagi

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