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Statuette Statuette

'Blighty', a bronze statuette on a granite plinth depicting a soldier in field service marching order, modelled on the Seaforth Highlanders it was completed 1919

Statue / shoulder / fragment Statue / shoulder / fragment

Fragment of the shoulder of a sandstone statue, from Rough Castle, Denny, Stirlingshire

Statue Statue

Marble statue of Hugh Miller, geologist and writer, examining a fossil fish similar to those he discovered in the Old Red Sandstone near his home in Cromarty in Easter Ross, by Amelia Robertson Hill, Edinburgh, 1869

Statuette / dignitary Statuette / dignitary

Statuette in hard green basalt of a dignitary, seated upon a block seat: Ancient Egyptian, Upper Egypt, possibly Abydos, Middle Kingdom

Statuette / woman Statuette / woman

Upper part of a statuette of a woman wearing a Hathor-style tripartite wig: Ancient Egyptian, possibly 17th or early 18th Dynasty

Statuette / man Statuette / man

Head of a statuette of a man with a shaven skull and prominent ears, of black stone, probably fired steatite: Ancient Egyptian, Upper Egypt, Abydos, possibly 13th Dynasty

Statuette / man / head Statuette / man / head

Face of a statue of a provincial governor, of porphyritic diorite: Ancient Egyptian, Upper Egypt, possibly Qau el-Kebir, probably mid-12th Dynasty

Statue / man Statue / man

Statue in greywacke of a man named Mesehi (?) with a shaved head, wearing a long pleated kilt with a weft-fringe: Ancient Egyptian, Middle Kingdom, probably 13th Dynasty

Statue / head Statue / head

Head of a statue in red quartzose sandstone, of a man wearing a wig of lappet type, broken off at neck: Ancient Egyptian, Middle Kingdom, mid-12th Dynasty

Statue / man / part Statue / man / part

Upper part of a statue made of greywacke or schist of a seated man wearing a long wig with lappets: Ancient Egyptian, Middle Kingdom, 12th Dynasty

Statue / man / head Statue / man / head

Head of a statuette of limestone, of a man wearing a short curled wig: Ancient Egyptian, early 18th Dynasty

Statue / man Statue / man

Statue in black granite of a man named Amenyseneb seated with his hands upon his knees, wearing a shoulder-length wig, inscribed across his chest and down his kilt: Ancient Egyptian, Upper Egypt, probably Abydos, Middle Kingdom, 13th Dynasty

Statue / man Statue / man

Statue in limestone of a man seated upon a stool with his hands upon his thighs: Ancient Egyptian, probably early 19th Dynasty

Statue / man / woman Statue / man / woman

Statue in black serpentine of a man and his wife shown standing on a rectangular podium with a rough inscription: Ancient Egyptian, Upper Egypt, Thebes, Middle Kingdom, Late 12th Dynasty

Statuette / woman Statuette / woman

Statuette in limestone of a woman wearing a long wig and a broad collar of three tiers: Ancient Egyptian, New Kingdom, mid-late 18th Dynasty

Statue / man Statue / man

Statue in grey-green serpentine of the General and Royal Scribe Ramesses-Seneb, standing erect and holding a ram-headed temple-staff: Ancient Egyptian, probably 19th Dynasty

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