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Statuette / man Statuette / man

Head of a statuette of a man with a shaven skull and prominent ears, of black stone, probably fired steatite: Ancient Egyptian, Upper Egypt, Abydos, possibly 13th Dynasty

Statuette / man / head Statuette / man / head

Face of a statue of a provincial governor, of porphyritic diorite: Ancient Egyptian, Upper Egypt, possibly Qau el-Kebir, probably mid-12th Dynasty

Statuette / man Statuette / man

Statuette in hard dark wood of a man with his left foot advanced wearing a short curled wig and a short kilt: Ancient Egyptian, from Asyut, First Intermediate Period

Statuette / man Statuette / man

Statuette (tomb-model) in red, white, buff and black painted wood of a man squatting on a wooden base cutting out a pair of sandals: Ancient Egyptian, from Beni Hasan, Middle Kingdom

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