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Sword Sword

Sword, with curved steel blade half double-edged; hilt of sharkskin-covered wood; tsuba; sword sheath of lacquered wood with bronze mounts chased with sea-dragons; bronze habaki; sageo cord: Japan, blade dated 1828

Sword Sword

Sword, with a curved single-edged steel blade, a wooden hilt covered in shark skin and laced with black silk cord, and a sword sheath of black lacquered wood with longitudinal stripes and sprinkled with mother-of-pearl: Japan, blade 15th century, mount 19th century

Sword sheath Sword sheath

Sheath for sword (takobi), of tooled leather with a tasselled red wool baldric: Africa, West Africa, Northern Nigeria, Katsina, Hausa people

Sword sheath Sword sheath

Sheath for a sword (mandau or parang ilang), carved wood, coloured hair, antler toggle, and rattan bindings: Southeast Asia, Indonesia or Malaysia, Borneo, Dyak, early - mid 19th century

Sword sheath Sword sheath

Sword sheath of black leather with metal mounts: English or Scottish, mid 18th century

Sword sheath Sword sheath

Sword sheath of leather: Scottish

Dao sheath Dao sheath

One-sided dao sheath of wood, painted red on external face and the lower portion of the internal face, and with rattan bands or plaits, used to hold the blade in place: Asia, South Asia, North East India or Northern Myanmar, Naga, 19th - 20th century

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