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Tunic, child's Tunic, child's

Child's linen tunic ornamented with shoulder bands woven in dark brown thread: Coptic, excavated by Albert Gayet in Durunkah, Egypt, 7th to 8th century

Tunic, woman's Tunic, woman's

Woman's long tunic of reindeer leather decorated with beadwork on shoulder and sleeves: North America, Plains, Arikara, from the Upper Missouri River, 1859

Tunic Tunic

Man's tunic, of reindeer leather, decorated with broad bands of beadwork in geometric forms, with painted bars and circles, and with fringes of stoat skins tipped with red and blue feathers on sleeves: North America, USA, Plains, probably Sioux, mid - late 19th century

Tunic, man's Tunic, man's

Tunic of tanned calf moose skin decorated with porcupine quillwork, beads, quilled fringes and red ochre, part of a man's summer outfit: North America, Canada, Northwest Territories, Gwich'in, c. 1862

Tunic Tunic

Tunic, of tanned caribou skin, decorated with trade beads, dentalium shells and quilled fringe, part of a Gwich'in man's summer outfit: North America, Canada, Northwest Territories, Gwich'in, c. 1862

Tunic Tunic

Tunic (kurta) of red silk embroidered with gold ribbon, part of a child’s costume: India, probably Awadh, Lucknow, c1840

Tunic cuff / portion Tunic cuff / portion

Silk damask woven with a design of a lion and two birds within a border in yellow on a brown ground, probably from the cuff of a linen tunic: Egypt, El-Drounka, c. AD500-600

Tunic / portion Tunic / portion

Part of a tunic of linen, with a roundel containing a lion, tapestry woven in dark blue wool and undyed linen thread: Ancient Egypt, Coptic, probably from Akhmim, Upper Egypt, 5th century AD

Tunic / portion Tunic / portion

Tunic portion (probably sleeve end) of undyed wool plain weave with decoration in tapestry with natural and purple wool wefts, with corded edge of warp ends: Coptic, 5th to 6th century

Tunic Tunic

Home dress No. 1 or best tunic, blue with buttons, eagle shoulder badges, LAC props and GC stripe, dated 1943, one of a group of objects relating to the service of Helen R. Naysmith Fairley, East Fortune, 1943 - 1946

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