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Typewriter, Remington Typewriter, Remington

Typewriter, Sholes and Glidden, serial number 3031, manufactured by E. Remington and Sons, Ilion, New York, USA, 1876

Typewriter, Gardner Typewriter, Gardner

Typewriter, Gardner, typesleeve machine printing 84 characters by 14 keys and two shift keys, manufactured Manchester, UK, 1890 - 1895

Typewriter, Mignon Typewriter, Mignon

Typewriter, Mignon Model 2, serial number 38039, the type selector in the form of a pointed metal scriber with finger and thumb grip, manufactured Berlin, Germany, 1905 - 1913

Typewriter Typewriter

Noiseless typewriter Model 4, built about 1921 by the Noiseless Typewriter Co. of Middletown, Connecticut, USA, the inventors of noiseless typewriters

Typewriter, Hammond Typewriter, Hammond

Typewriter, Hammond, serial number 86164, an early model of a typewriter with interchangeable type, manufactured New York, USA, c. 1905

Typewriter, portable, Blickensderfer Typewriter, portable, Blickensderfer

Typewriter, Blickensderfer Featherweight, serial number 163,325, with scientific keyboard, manufactured Stamford, Connecticut, 1912

Typewriter Typewriter

Typewriter, Empire Model 2, serial number 104562, with two shift keyboard, 30 keys and thrust action type, manufactured Montreal, Canada, 1914 - 1922

Typewriter, portable, Williams / case Typewriter, portable, Williams / case

Williams typewriter with two shift keyboard, 28 keys and pad inking, No. 8804, a portable model in a case, made about 1890

Typewriter Typewriter

Odell typewriter from Chicago, United States of America, 1895, a class index machine with fitted ink roller, indicator and 42 characters

Typewriter Typewriter

Typewriter, Merritt, with metal type, each being separate and mounted in a suitable holder, with 1234 and 9616 stamped on the base of the machine, manufactured Springfield, Massachusetts, 1889-1896

Typewriter Typewriter

Typewriter, McLoughlin Bros, index typewriter designed for adults and children, manufactured New York, USA, 1884

Typewriter, Hammond Typewriter, Hammond

Hammond typewriter, c. 1893, invented by J.B. Hammond, a shuttle machine with keys arranged in "ideal" positions by the inventor and not the standard arrangement

Typewriter, Blickensderfer Typewriter, Blickensderfer

Typewriter, Blick 9, serial number 190835, manufactured Stamford, Connecticut, USA, c. 1916

Typewriter, Moya Typewriter, Moya

Moya typewriter, No. 2, manufactured in Leicester, 1902, a type sleeve machine invented by Hildago Moya

Typewriter Typewriter

Typewriter, Caligraph No. 4, serial number 11220, a type bar machine with double keyboard invented by George Washington Yosh and F.X. Wagner, manufactured by the American Writing Machine Co, New York, USA, c. 1895

Typewriter, Fitch Typewriter, Fitch

Typewriter, Fitch, an early visible writer, originating in the USA and invented by Eugene Fitch, this model was manufactured in London, UK, c. 1892

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