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Koto Koto

Koto, or long zither, with thirteen strings (with bridges) stretched over a sounding-board made of lacquered wood with ivory, tortoise-shell and silver inlay, decorated on the sides with chicken in a bamboo grove: Japan

Qin Qin

Qin (seven-stringed zither) of red lacquered wood: China, Qing Dynasty, probably 18th century AD

Tonkori Tonkori

Tonkori or zither of blackened wood with long canoe-shaped body, short neck with five tuning pegs and carved extremity, and five strings: Sakhalin, Ainu

Zither Zither

Bamboo tube zither or valiha, National instrument of Madagasgar is popular with traditional musicians in rural villages and urban pop groups: Africa, Eastern Africa, Madagascar, 20th century

Zither Zither

Wooden carved trough zither with six twine strings stretched across the body and a globular gourd resonator attached below, cracked and repaired with wire and twine: Africa, Eastern Africa, Malawi, Kamanga people, early 20th century

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