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Two bagpipe reeds made by Malcolm Swindells

Bookcase made of carved oak panels and featuring a piper playing a bagpipe with a single drone, said to be from a late 16th to early 17th century bedstead from Threave Castle and later Greenlaw, bookcase by Joseph Train, early 19th century

Baluster-shaped, turned wooden snuff-mull, possibly part of the top of a drone from a set of bagpipes

Highland bagpipe with a chanter, blow-pipe and three drones, decorated with bone insets owned by the Macdonalds of Islay and long in the possession of the MacIndeors or Dewars, hereditary pipers to the Macdonalds of Islay

Highland bagpipe chanter of wood, sole missing, split and bound with thread, with one extra hole drilled in the chanter neck above and to the right of High A, made by Donald MacDonald of Edinburgh, c. 1810

Set of Highland bagpipes with two drones only and with mountings of lead and horn, 18th century, and acquired in the 19th century by James Drummond

Set of French bellows bagpipes or musette, purchased at the sale of the effects of Prince Henry Benedict, Cardinal York in Rome and said to have belonged to his brother, Prince Charles Edward Stuart

Set of decoratively carved two-drone Highland bagpipes with a common stock, with Celtic ornamentation and initials 'R. McD' over a Highland galley, and date 'MCCCCIX' on the drone stock, attributed to Robert Glen, late 19th - early 20th century

Set of Highland bagpipes with chanter of ebony, ivory mounted, bearing the name of the maker, Duncan MacDougall of Breadalbane, a set of drones said to have been played at the Battle of Waterloo by George Mackay and at the entry of George IV into Edinburgh by James Mackay, and modern stocks

Set of bellows-blown Lowland bagpipes, with three drones mounted in a common stock and mounted with horn and bone, which belonged to a Peeblesshire family

Set of Highland bagpipes with three drones and a chanter of laburnum and cherry wood with bone and horn mounts, probably made for a child, possibly Perth, c. 1830

Set of bellows bagpipes or small pipes of ivory, made by John Naughtan of Aberdeen, 1824 - 1842

Set of Highland bagpipes made of laburnum mounted with horn and having a sheepskin bag with a green wool cover, made by J. and R. Glen, Edinburgh, c. 1880

Bellows bagpipe with chanter only, a stitched leather bag inside a velvet bag cover edged and tied with silk ribbon, wood chanter and stock and a bellows with wooden sides inlaid with ivory, collected by Skeoch Cumming, 19th century

Turned wooden stock with a wooden screw for a bagpipe, part of the Skeoch Cumming Collection

Chanter with an ivory sole for a set of half size set of Highland bagpipes, by James Center, Edinburgh, c. 1910

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