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Lighthouse, Eddystone, third / model Lighthouse, Eddystone, third / model

One of a group of models and drawings of the Eddystone Lighthouses - third lighthouse (Smeaton's) - a model

Engine, ship / model Engine, ship / model

Model of the engines made by Messrs Elder and Co. of Glasgow, for the ocean steamers "Zealandia" and "Australia", scale 1 1/2 inches to 1 foot, made from drawings lent by Messrs Elder and Co.

Thrust block / model Thrust block / model

Model of a thrust block with twelve collars made for the turbine steamship Osterley, made to a scale of 1:8

Bicycle, safety Bicycle, safety

"Rover" safety bicycle with solid rubber tyres, made by J.K. Starley of Starley & Sons, Coventry, c. 1888

Boiler, marine, Scotch / model Boiler, marine, Scotch / model

Model of a "Scotch" marine boiler, to a scale of 1 inch to 1 foot, fitted with all mountings and in position in a part of the hull of a steamship, 1910

Sailing ship / model Sailing ship / model

Model of a full rigged ship made by Chinese sailors on board the lightship Lang Shan, near Shanghai, c. 1875

Aeroplane engine, Anzani Aeroplane engine, Anzani

Anzani military type aeroplane engine complete with carburettor but without a magneto, built in 1910

Propeller, aeroplane engine, Anzani Propeller, aeroplane engine, Anzani

Propeller for Anzani aeroplane engine, No. 1026

Motor bicycle, Holden Motor bicycle, Holden

Holden motor bicycle with a four cylinder engine, built in 1895 by Colonel H.C.L. Holden, C.B., F.R.S.

Bridge, reinforced concrete / model Bridge, reinforced concrete / model

Model of a reinforced concrete bridge built at Wraysbury, Buckinghamshire in 1914, to a scale of 3/8 of an inch to 1 foot

Propeller, aeroplane Propeller, aeroplane

Aeroplane propeller built up of laminated wood, marked "G 1431, N 25, AB 662, GRH, Wolseley Viper, Hispano Suiza"

Propeller Propeller

One of a number of parts of the Parnall Panther biplane - propeller

Aeroplane engine, Wright Aeroplane engine, Wright

Four cylinder Wright aeroplane engine built in 1910, fitted to a Wright Model B Airplane, and sold to Harold W. Brown, 1 June 1911

Penn oscillating engine Penn oscillating engine

Model of Penn oscillating engine and paddles, brass, made to a scale of 1:16, 1840

Bridge, warren girder / model Bridge, warren girder / model

Model of a warren girder bridge over the River Indus at Kotri built by the Thames Iron Works and Shipbuilding Company in 1898, to a scale of 1 inch to 10 feet

Bridge, railway, plate girder / model Bridge, railway, plate girder / model

Model of the plate girder railway bridge built by L.N.E.R. over Abbotshall Road near Kirkcaldy in 1929, made to a scale of 1:24 in 1929

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