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Print / caricature / portrait Print / caricature / portrait

Framed coloured caricature of Lord Cochrane, entitled 'Things as they have been, things as they are', published 1815

Coffin lid Coffin lid

Lid of an anthropoid coffin of yellow painted wood, of the Lady of an Estate, Chantress of Amun, named Tjentweretheqau, called Tamut: Ancient Egyptian, Third Intermediate Period, early 21st Dynasty, c. 1073 - 961 BC

Coffin base Coffin base

Base of an anthropoid coffin of yellow painted wood, of Iufenamun, priest at the temple of Karnak: Ancient Egyptian, Upper Egypt, probably from Thebes, 3rd Intermediate Period, early 22nd Dynasty, c. 967 - 900 BC

Mummified person Mummified person

Mummified body of a man named Iufenamun, priest at the temple of Karnak: Ancient Egyptian, Upper Egypt, probably Thebes, 3rd Intermediate Period, early 22nd Dynasty, c. 967 - 900 BC

Lighthouse optic Lighthouse optic

Full size fixed azimuthal condensing lighthouse optic on cast iron stand, to the design used for the River Tay leading lights at Buddon Ness, designed by Thomas Stevenson, by Chance Brothers and Co., Smethwick, 1866

Enamel, portrait Enamel, portrait

Painted enamel with a half-length portrait of Lord Byron, in a square gilt frame: English, by H.P. Bone after West, early 19th century

Relief Relief

Wall panel in gypsum, carved with the bearded figure of King Ashurnasirpal II on the right standing opposite one of his court officials conducting a religious ceremony, with a summary of the king's conquests in cuneiform script: Ancient Near-Eastern, Assyrian, from Room G in the North-West Palace of Ashurnasirpal II at Nimrud (ancient Kalhu) in northern Iraq, 9th century BC

Cabinet Cabinet

Ebonised and penworked cabinet, with upper and lower section, decorated with figures of Amor, Mors, Fama and Fortuna, Greek masks, and urns, designed by Daniel Cottier, made by Cottier and Co.: London, 1870 - 1880

Armchair Armchair

Giltwood armchair upholstered in red damask with cabriole legs, hairy paw feet and decorated seat rails, made for Sir Lawrence Dundas: English, London, designed by Robert Adam, made by the workshop of Thomas Chippendale, 1765

Chilian Earthcreeper Chilian Earthcreeper

Upucerthia dumetaria, Chillian earthcreaper or scaly-throated earthcreeper, collected on Charles Darwin's voyage on the H.M.S. Beagle, 1831-1835, from Coquimbo, Chile, 1835

Television receiver Television receiver

GE 950 colour wheel television receiver, the earliest surviving colour television set, based on John Logie Baird colour system of 1928 and made for the Columbia Broadcasting System by General Electric, 1946

Television camera Television camera

Mark V field sequential colour television camera, a prototype of the cameras built for NASA for the Apollo Moon landing in 1969, it uses the colour sequential technology invented by John Logie Baird in 1928 and developed by CBS from the 1940s, by CBS and NASA, USA, early to mid 1960s.

Araucarioxylon arizonicum Araucarioxylon arizonicum

Araucarioxylon arizonicum, fossil conifer, cross-section of tree (silicified wood), from the Triassic Period of Chinle Petrified Forest, Arizona, USA

Lesser thorn-tipped longhorn beetle Lesser thorn-tipped longhorn beetle

Six Pogonocherus hispidus, lesser thorn-tipped longhorn beetle (originally identified as Pogonocherus fasciculatus, longhorn beetle), part of the collection of William Darwin Fox, second cousin of Charles Darwin, with whom he exchanged many specimens, including the water beetle, collected by Darwin near Cambridge, 1831

Book Book

On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection: Or The Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life, by Charles Darwin, published by John Murray, 1860

Book Book

Book entitled Nomenclature of British Insects; Being a Compendious List of Such Species as are Contained in the Systematic Catalogue of British Insects and Forming a Guide to their Classification, annoted by Charles Darwin and his cousin, by James Francis Stephens, published by Baldwin and Cradock, London, 1829

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