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Octant Octant

Octant with 17" ebony frame and limb, brass index arm, inlaid ivory scale with diagonal divisions and ivory plate marked 'George Morris 1755', probably English, maker unknown, 1755

Planisphere Planisphere

Bronze planisphere with two magnetic needles in a raised border, the centre representing a portion of the sidereal heavens, made in Japan, probably late 17th century

Celestial globe Celestial globe

Celestial globe of brass with silver star positions, showing the traditional Islamic representations of the constellations, by Diya' ad-din Muhammad, Lahore, 1663

Backstaff Backstaff

Backstaff, wooden navigation instrument with two graduated arcs, inscribed 'Made by Benjamin Macy for Captain William Cochren, 1726', London, 1726, with modern replacement vanes

Moon globe Moon globe

Lade's relief model of the moon, by Dietrich Reimer (Ernst Vohsen), Berlin, 1899

Sextant Sextant

Four inch sextant in a fitted wooden case, by Cary of London, 1901, used to take bearings on the British Antarctic Expedition, 1901 - 1904

Telescope Telescope

Contemporary wooden model of the Earl of Rosse's reflecting telescope with a three foot diameter speculum, showing the method of mounting it, made at Birr Castle, Ireland, c. 1840

Orrery Orrery

Working model of an orrery according to Copernicus, showing the planets with their satellites revolving round the sun, the whole being enclosed in a glass globe, by Sendtner, Munich, 1913

Mariner's astrolabe Mariner's astrolabe

Copper-bronze electrotype of a 16th century mariner's astrolabe, by Messrs Elkington and Co. Ltd, London, c. 1925

Astrolabe Astrolabe

Brass astrolabe with two graduated tablets, rete showing 21 stars and alidade with peep sights, unsigned, probably Flemish, believed to be by Michael Piquer, mid 16th century

Cross-staff Cross-staff

Reproduction of an 18th century cross-staff in Sjofartsmuseum, Bergen, with a cross bar made of pearwood and scales engraved on an ebony centre bar, 1929

Orrery Orrery

Brass orrery in a polished mahogany case, by George Adams, junior, London, c. 1790

Pillar clock Pillar clock

Pillar clock, or shaku-dokei, with time pointer adjustable transversely to register with one of a number of hair scales corresponding to the month marked on a lacquered plate: Japan, before 1872

Astrolabe Astrolabe

Brass astrolabe, the second earliest surviving signed and dated astrolabe made in Europe, by Muhammad ibn al-Saffâr, Cordova, Spain, 417 AH, 1026 - 1027 AD, with rete c. 1300

Sundial Sundial

Horizontal pedestal sundial made by Richard Melville in Glasgow, 1845, set to give local time in Glasgow and the corresponding time in New York, Alexandria, Malabar and New Zealand

Telescope Telescope

Reflecting telescope with brass barrel with blackened shagreen cover, in a fitted rosewood box, by Edward Scarlett, London, c. 1730

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