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Seismograph Seismograph

Seismograph, horizontal pendulum type, by J.J. Shaw, West Bromwich

Calcite Calcite

Calcite - brown, stepped triangular crystals associated with platy hexagonal calcite crystals and coated with brewsterite and harmotome, from Strontian Main Vein, Clashgorm open cast workings, Strontian Main Vein, Argyll

Leadhillite Leadhillite

Leadhillite - pale green platy crystals on barite - from Leadhills, Lanarkshire.

Caledonite Caledonite

Caledonite - bright blue, granular - with deeper blue linarite and bright green, mammilated pyromorphite - from Leadhills, Lanarkshire.

Mattheddleite Mattheddleite

Mattheddleite - microscopic white crystals - associated with grey acicular aggregates of lanarkite, grey platy leadhillite and earthy yellow-green pyromorphite - probably from Susanna Mine, Leadhills, Lanarkshire.

Diamond Diamond

Diamond - pale lavender octahedral crystal - from Aikhal, Sakha (Yakutia), Siberia, Russia.

Diamond Diamond

Diamond - a pale greyish white opaque crystal - 4.174g - from Itoko, Kasai Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Central Africa

Fluorite Fluorite

Fluorite - large pale green cubes associated with galena from Dalnagorsk, Russia.

Calcite Calcite

Calcite - a single colourless complex growth on a group of black sphalerite crystals - from New Glencrieff Mine, Wanlockhead, Dumfriesshire

Vanadinite Vanadinite

Vanadinite - brown, hexagonal crystals on hemimorphite and mottramite with quartz, from Wanlockhead, Dumfriesshire.

Macphersonite Macphersonite

Macphersonite - coating a radiating group of grey lanarkite crystals - old handwritten label states; from Leadhills, Lanarkshire.

Descloizite Descloizite

Micro descloizite on pale fawn crust over hemimorphite with yellow-green pyromorphite (maybe vanadinite present), from Wanlockhead, Dumfriesshire.

Quartz, variety amethyst Quartz, variety amethyst

Quartz, variety amethyst, purple facetted stone, mixed cut, from Glenbeg, approximately two miles west of Grantown-on-Spey, Moray.

Quartz, variety smoky quartz Quartz, variety smoky quartz

Quartz, variety smoky - a brown facetted stone, shows banding, mixed cut - 20.7268g from Scotland.

Quartz, variety citrine Quartz, variety citrine

Quartz, variety citrine - cairngorm type - a dark orange brown facetted stone - mixed cut - 4.575g - from Scotland.

Quartz, variety citrine Quartz, variety citrine

Quartz, variety citrine - a golden yellow facetted stone - mixed cut - 11.8211g - from Scotland.

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