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Butter making apparatus / model / part


Part of a model of an apparatus for making butter, to a scale of 2 inches to 1 foot: Asia, South Asia, India, Bihar, Patna or Tirhut, 1815 - 1821

Museum reference

A.UC.832.17 A


World Culture

Object name

Butter making apparatus / model / part

Production information

Bihar, India, South Asia
Patna, Bihar, India, South Asia


1815 - 1821


Ebony, Cane, String

Physical description

Ebony square pole with a circular piece of cane attached approximately 170mm. Another V-shaped piece of ebony is attached to it with string just below this, and an earhenware pot in also attached to the pole with a piece of string at the same point (125mm). The pole fits into a slot in the base.


Commissioner: Tytler, Margaret, 1785 - 1822


Tytler, Margaret. Catalogue of a set of models intended to illustrate the arts & manufactures of Hindostan executed under the Superintendence of the late Miss Margaret Tytler during her residence at Patna and in Tirhoot [Tirhut] from the year 1815 to 1821. With Prefatory Note by Tytler, John. Ass surgeon, Bengal Establishment, Monghyr July 1st 1824. [NMS Research Library, Special Collections]

Savignhac, P. de and Pearson. G. Asiatic Museum Illustrated, Part 1. Comprising Figures of all the Models that were Presented to the Museum by Miss Tytler, making a total of 83. Calcutta: Asiatic Lithographic Company's Press, 1828, Pl. IV. Fig. II [University of Edinburgh Library Collection]

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