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Base of an anthropoid wooden coffin, plastered and painted, of a child, Tairtsekher, daughter of Irtnefret: Ancient Egyptian, Possibly from Deir el-Medina Upper Egypt, New Kingdom, early 19th Dynasty, c. 1292-1200 BC

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World Culture

Object name


Production information

Egypt, Northern Africa


New Kingdom
19th Dynasty

Style / Culture

Ancient Egyptian


Wood, Plaster

Collection place(s)

Deir el-Medina, Upper Egypt, Egypt, Northern Africa


Depicted: Tairtsekher


  • Ancient Egypt Rediscovered (08 Feb 2019)
    National Museum of Scotland

  • The Tomb

  • Fascinating Mummies (11 Feb 2012 - 27 May 2012)
    National Museum of Scotland

  • Egyptian Mummies: Immortality in the Land of the Pharaohs (06 Oct 2007 - 24 Mar 2008)
    Landesmuseum Württenberg

  • Egyptian Gallery, 2003 - 2008 (2003 - 2008)
    Royal Scottish Museum

  • Ancient Egypt (29 Jul 2011)
    National Museum of Scotland


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Possibly published in Cooney, Kathlyn (2007). The cost of death: the social and economic value of ancient Egyptian funerary art in the Ramesside period

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