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Chelonoidis duncanensis (Pritchard, 1996) - Duncan Island giant tortoise


Type specimen of Duncan Island giant tortoise, Chelonoidis duncanensis (Pritchard, 1996), adult, male, mount

Museum reference




Scientific name(s)

species: Chelonoidis duncanensis (Pritchard, 1996) - Duncan Island giant tortoise
subspecies: Geochelone elephantopus ephippium (Gunther, 1874) - Duncan Island tortoise
species: Testudo ephippium Gunther, 1874 - Duncan Island tortoise

Specimen details

Specimen form: Mount
Sex: Male

Collection place(s)

Abingdon [?], Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, South America


Collector [?]: Captain Basil Hall


Gunther, A. 1875. Description of the Living and Extinct Races of Gigantic Land-Tortoises. Parts I. & II. Introduction, and the Tortoises of the Galapagos Islands. Phil. Trans. R. Soc. Lond. 165, 251-284

Catalogue of Type Specimens of Recent Vertebrates (1990)

Olson, Storrs L. 2017. The early scientific history of Galapagos tortoises. Archives of Natural History, 44(2): 241-258

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