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Memorial pole


Nisga'a memorial pole, of red cedar, carved in memory of Tsawit, a Nisga'a chief of British Columbia, Canada, it shows a series of interlocking figures relating to Tsawit's family's history through his ancestors, family crests, and his clan, the Raven clan: North America, Canada, British Columbia, Nass River Valley, Angyada, Tsimshian, Nisga'a, by Oyea Tait, c. 1855

Museum reference




Object name

Memorial pole

Production information

Tait, Oyea, 1855 (fl.), Master-carver
Angyada, Nass River, British Columbia, Canada, North America
Gwanes, 1855 (fl.), Assistant carver
Angyada, Nass River, British Columbia, Canada, North America


c. 1855

Style / Culture

Nisga'a, Tsimshian, Northwest Coast, Indigenous North American



Physical description

Wood, red cedar; carved with totems, or crests, of Tsawit's family

Collection place(s)

Angyada, Nass River, British Columbia, Canada, North America




  • Living Lands (29 Jul 2011)
    National Museum of Scotland


Nisga'a Treaty Negotiations: Agreement-in-Principle / Government of Canada, Province of British Columbia, Nisga'a Tribal Council

Kerr, Robert, 'A Totem Pole from the Nass River, British Columbia.' MAN xxxi (1931): 20-21.

Barbeau, Marius, Totem Poles: Totem poles according to crests and topics. Bulletin No. 119. Vol. 1. Canada: National Museum of Canada. n.d.

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