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Model, costume / figure


Model figure of a (possibly) Gwich'in man, made of carton-pierre, one of a collection illustrating national costumes of the Russian Empire for the Paris Exhibition, 1867: Russian, St Petersburg, by I.M. Heiser, c. 1867

Museum reference



Decorative and Applied Art

Object name

Model, costume / figure

Production information

Heiser, I.M., 1867 (fl.)
St Petersburg, Russia, Eastern Europe


c. 1867

Style / Culture



Carton-pierre, Quill, Fur, Ochre

Physical description

Model figure of a man, made of carton-pierre. Figure (probably Gwich'in although labelled Alent) wears a skin tunic with pointed lower edge at front and back, mittens, and moccasins joined to the leg-covering; all decorated with quillwork, weasel(?) skin(?) edging, fringing, and lines of red ochre. The figure holds an antler club of Northwest Coast type.


Paris Exhibition 1867
Aleutian Islands, Alaska, USA, North America


Idiens, Dale, A catalogue of Northern Athapaskan Indian artefacts in the collection of the Royal Scottish Museum, Edinburgh, Royal Scottish Museum Information Series, Art and Archaeology 3, March 1979

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