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Mummified person


Mummified body of a man named Iufenamun, priest at the temple of Karnak: Ancient Egyptian, Upper Egypt, probably Thebes, 3rd Intermediate Period, early 22nd Dynasty, c. 967 - 900 BC

Museum reference

A.1907.569 A


World Culture

Object name

Mummified person

Production information

Egypt, Northern Africa


3rd Intermediate Period
Early 22nd Dynasty

Style / Culture

22nd Dynasty, 3rd Intermediate Period, Ancient Egyptian

Physical description

Spirally wound bandages intact

Collection place(s)

Thebes, Upper Egypt, Egypt, Northern Africa


Depicted: Iufenamun
Previous owner: Sir Colin Scott-Moncrieff


  • Discoveries Redisplay, 2015

  • Discoveries (29 Jul 2011 - 2016)
    National Museum of Scotland

  • The Journey Beyond (07 May 2010 - 28 Aug 2010)
    Dick Institute


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COONEY, K., (2021), ' A Case Study of Multiple Coffin Reuse in the National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh', in Barbash, Y. Cooney, K.M. (eds.) Afterlives of Egyptian History: A Festschrift for Edward Bleiberg, Cairo: American University in Cairo Press

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