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Mummified person


Mummified remains of an adult man wrapped in linen, partially disarticulated, with the head covered with a painted cartonnage mask: Ancient Egyptian, probably from Akhmim, Late Period, 30th Dynasty, c. 380 - 342 BC

Museum reference

A.1912.186 B


World Culture

Object name

Mummified person

Production information

Egypt, Northern Africa


380 - 342 BC

Style / Culture

30th Dynasty, Late Dynastic Period, Ancient Egyptian


Organic, Linen, Cartonnage

Collection place(s)

Akhmim, Upper Egypt, Egypt, Northern Africa


Howell G. M. Edwards, Susana E. Jorge Villar, Katherine A. Eremin, (2004) 'Raman spectroscopic analysis of pigments from dynastic Egyptian funerary artefacts', Journal of Raman Spectroscopy 35/8‐9 (Raman spectroscopy in Art and Archaeology, August ‐ September 2004), 786-795.

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