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Mummy case


Mummy case of cartonnage, uninscribed, made for a man but contained a mummified teenage female, contained in an outer coffin: Ancient Egyptian, Upper Egypt, Thebes, typical mid-Third Intermediate Period type, 22nd Dynasty, c. 946/945 - 735 BC

Museum reference

A.1911.399.1 B


World Culture

Object name

Mummy case

Production information

Egypt, Northern Africa


c. 946/945 - 735 BC

Style / Culture

22nd Dynasty, 3rd Intermediate Period, Ancient Egyptian



Collection place(s)

Thebes, Upper Egypt, Egypt, Northern Africa


  • Egyptian Gallery, 2003 - 2008 (2003 - 2008)
    Royal Scottish Museum

  • Ancient Egypt (29 Jul 2011)
    National Museum of Scotland


DAWSON, W R 1927. “On Two Egyptian Mummies Preserved in the Museums of Edinburgh”, Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland 1926-1927: pp. 290-96.

Manley, B and Dodson, A., (2010) Life Everlasting. National Museums Scotland Collection of Ancient Egyptian Coffins (Edinburgh: NMS Enterprises Ltd.), Cat.21 , pp. 69-70

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