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Panel / figure / man / woman / Gautama-Sakyamuni


Oblong panel of grey Talcora schist carved in deeply sunk relief with a row of standing male and female figures clad in flowing robes, the central figure representing Gautama-Sakyamuni as Buddha: Indian, Graeco-Buddhist, Gandhara, from Peshawar, 0 - 100 AD

Museum reference



World Culture

Object name

Panel / figure / man / woman / Gautama-Sakyamuni

Production information

Gandhara, India, South Asia


1st century



Physical description

Grey Talcora schist; carved in deeply sunk relief; Comment [unknown date and author]: 'The central figure is in royal dress and is there for a Bodhisattva, he holds the amrita flask (of nectar) and is therefore Maitreya, the Buddha yet to come.'


Depicted: Gautama-Sakyamuni
Depicted: Maitreya
Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, South Asia

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