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Pectoral / shell, oyster


Oyster shell (Pinctada margaritifera) pectoral incised with the cartouche of King Amenemhat II, with two pierced holes for suspension: Ancient Egyptian, Upper Egypt, el-Salmiya, 12th Dynasty, c.1922 - 1878 BC

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World Culture

Object name

Pectoral / shell, oyster

Production information

Egypt, Northern Africa


12th Dynasty, Middle Kingdom, Ancient Egyptian

Style / Culture

12th Dynasty, Middle Kingdom, Ancient Egyptian



Collection place(s)

el-Salmiya, Upper Egypt, Egypt, Northern Africa


Amenemhet II
Hilton Price Collection
Collector: Hilton Price, Frederick George, 1842 - 1909


  • Ancient Egypt Rediscovered (08 Feb 2019)
    National Museum of Scotland

  • Egyptian Gallery, 2003 - 2008 (2003 - 2008)
    Royal Scottish Museum

  • Ancient Egypt (29 Jul 2011)
    National Museum of Scotland


Aldred, Cyril, 'A pearl shell disk of Ammenemes II', Journal of Egyptian Archaeology 38 (1952), pp.130-132.

Mekawy Ouda, Ahmed, 'Egyptian Middle Kingdom Oyster Shells with Royal Names: Function, Chronology and Gender Issues', BIFAO 119, 259-272, see pp. 262 n. 15, 263 n. 24.

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