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Bintang belulong, bulan kembung, ngias kebung, langit ngeruang


Pua Kumbu work-in-progress, handwoven indigo dyed silk ikat, the motifs depict clusters of stars amidst the full moon: Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Sarawak, Kapit, by Helen Manjan anak Atong, commenced July 2019

Museum reference



World Culture

Object name

Pua Kumbu, Work-in-progress

Production information

Manjan anak Atong, Helen, 1958 (b.), Weaver
Kapit, Sarawak, Borneo, Malaysia, Southeast Asia



Style / Culture



Silk, Indigo

Physical description

Handwoven spun silk, sourced from China. The ikat (warp tying) process was done using raffia string (lemba leaves, Curculigo latifolia) and dyed once using tarum (indigo vera leaves), from the home-grown indigo. The motifs depict clusters of stars amidst the full moon, decorating the night sky. The stars and the clouds decorate the warrior’s shield, ready for battle. The pua kumbu is woven in a tubular format. Generally, two pieces are undertaken on the same warp. For this work-in-progress piece, the first piece is complete and the second piece is approximately 60% complete. As this is a work-in-progress piece V.2019.71.1 and V.2019.71.2 are physically entwined.


Edinburgh Fringe Festival


Helen Manjan anak Atong, from Rumah Gare, Sarawak

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