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Go behind the scenes of Beyond the Little Black Dress and discover how garments are cared for and handled in preparation for an exhibition.

The looks on display in Beyond the Little Black Dress have all been handled very carefully. They are wrapped in acid-free paper and kept in climate-controlled stores; our conservators handle everything with extreme care and are experts in keeping objects safe from light, dust and even vibration which can all damage delicate garments.

Before, during and after the exhibition, the climate of the exhibition space is carefully monitored to keep objects stable and safe. Some items need to be displayed in showcases which control the temperature, light and humidity. There is a balance between marrying the aesthetic design vision of the exhibition, with protecting an object as much as possible whilst on display.

This film goes behind the scenes in the textile conservation and observes the team condition checking garments for display and mounting them on mannequins during installation.

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