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A range of themed learning resources and activities to accompany our biodiversity sessions.

Biodiversity Seashore

Introduction to biodiversity

Using this resource for support, help your class to notice the nature around them. There's lots to be seen and heard in the playground, out the window or even on the walk to class.

Introduction To Biodiversity Teachers' Notes
Biodiversity Beaver

Exploring biodiversity (Teacher notes)

Encourage discussion in the class with this resource about the future of biodiversity and rewilding.

Exploring Biodiversity Teachers' Notes
Biodiversity Park

An outdoor journey (worksheet)

Explore the local biodiversity with an outdoor journey. Use this worksheet to safely plan your route and make notes of what you see and hear.

Outdoor Journey Worksheet
Biodiversity Plan A Journey

An outdoor journey (teacher's notes)

Help your class to safely plan an outdoor journey to discover their local biodiversity.

Outdoor Journey Teachers' Notes
Biodiversity Ant

Collecting the climate emergency

National Museums Scotland collects objects from the past and present to help us understand our world and plan for the future. Which objects should we collect to tell those stories?

Collecting The Climate Emergency Worksheet
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