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A range of brand new dinosaur themed resources to accompany our dinosaurs sessions.



Research your favourite dinosaur and use this worksheet to draw it and write your own fact file.

Download Fav-a-saurus worksheet

Freeze, Roar, Stomp!

Move like a dinosaur with these warm up and warm down activities to get ready for learning or cool down after class.

Download the Freeze, Roar, Stomp! activity

Dinosaur Record Breakers

Discover the dinosaurs that are thought to be the biggest, smallest, fastest, oldest and much more!

Meet the dinosaur record breakers
Fossilised Dinosaur

Which palaeontologist are you?

Follow the flow chart quiz to discover which palaeontologist you are most like.

Download the quiz

Palaeontologist fact files

After taking our palaeontologist quiz, discover more facts about them and draw your favourite based on the information provided.

Download the fact files
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