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Why not make your own bunting by attaching triangles of recycled paper or cloth to a piece of string? You could decorate it with patterns or pictures and display it in your front window.

What do you need?

A pair of scissors and string or ribbon.

A selection of materials to make your bunting flags (could be paper, cardboard, bits of material).

Then, you can use any of the following to attach your bunting to the string: glue, sticky tape and pegs.

In our example , we’ve used some roughly A4 size pieces of paper to make our flags. You can make your flags whatever size you like!  

What do you do?

1. Start by folding your chosen material in half. Then use a pencil and ruler or something with a straight edge to draw a diagonal line from corner to corner.

2. Cut along this line, and you should end up with a large folded triangle and two separate triangles, as shown.

You only want the folded triangle for bunting, but you can keep the left-over pieces for other crafts. Unfold your triangle, and you now have a basic template you can draw around  to make more flags. We’ve made four, but you can make as many as you want.   

3. Decorate! You can colour your flags in, stick things to them, draw pictures on them, or write messages for people to see. If you’re using glue to attach your flags to your string, you’ll need to leave 2cm of blank space at the top of each flag. 

4. Now you need to fasten it all together. We’ve used about 2 metres of string for our bunting. Make sure your flags are nicely spaced out. 

If you’re attaching them with tape or pegs, you can just put 2 bits of tape or 2 pegs on the top of each flag, and attach to the string. If you’re using glue, fold the top over and stick it over the string. 

Repeat the above steps for each flag you have made. Once you’ve completed your bunting, you can hang it up! 

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