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The Iron Age Celts loved to show off their wealth and importance by wearing fancy gold necklaces called torcs. Copy their look by making your own – it's blingtastic!

How To Make A Celtic Torc


0+ (Adult help required!)



Recommended for



20 minutes

What you need?

  • An adult helper
  • 12 different coloured, 30cm long pipe cleaners
  • 1 sheet of colourful tissue paper
  • Some masking tape
  • a ruler

Make the shape

  • Take 3 pipe cleaners and twist them together. Do the same with another 3
  • Use your ruler to measure how long you want your torc to be and join the two pieces together. You'll need about 7cm at the end to make the loops

  • Bend your torc into shape to check you are happy with the length


Make It Bling

  • Straighten out your torc and wrap it with your tissue paper
  • Twist it gently around the whole torc and secure the ends with masking tape

  • Take two pipe cleaners and wrap them tightly around the ends, covering the masking tape on each side.
  • Curl these ends to make the loops on your torc


Finish it off

  • Take the remaining four pipe cleaners and join them together to make one long piece. Wrap it round the torc, as shown.  

Your torc is ready to wear!

Where will you show off your new Celtic bling?

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