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Watch our video guide below as artist Kayleigh McCallum shows you how to draw the Hunterston Brooch from our Scottish History and Archaeology collection.

What is the Hunterston brooch?

This brooch was found at Hunterston, Ayrshire during the 1830s. Made about AD700, it is a highly accomplished casting of silver, richly mounted with gold, silver and amber decoration.

The brooch is a truly special object, sumptuously decorated with animals executed in gold wire and granules, called filigree. In the centre of the brooch is a cross flanking a golden ‘Glory’ representing the risen Christ.

Hunterston Brooch, an early Christian brooch with panels of gold filigree in Celtic and Anglo-Saxon styles, from Ireland or the West of Scotland, c. 700 AD

How to draw the Hunterston Brooch





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20 mins


The Hunterston brooch is on display in the Scotland galleries


How to draw the Hunterston Brooch

Watch the video below as artist Kayleigh McCallum guides you through how to draw the Hunterston Brooch from our collection. Try it with your family.

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