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We’ve teamed up with upcycling experts Ostrero and artist Bryony Knox to create a design for a cool owl badge – made from a fizzy drinks can! Try it out today.

How to make an owl badge




Beginner and intermediate

Recommended for



30 mins

What you need?

  • A helpful adult 
  • 2 fizzy drinks cans 
  • Scissors  
  • Something squishy to rest on (cardboard or folded newspaper) 
  • A biro pen 
  • Felt tip pens  
  • Objects to draw round (e.g spice jars) 
  • A bowl for scraps 
  • Bread bag ties or garden wire  
  • Buttons or beads  
  • Sticky tape 

Safety check 

  • Ask an adult to cut out and flatten the can. They can cut out all the tin shapes too 
  • Cut off any jagged edges or nicks. Round off any pointy corners as these may be sharp. 
  • Put all metal scraps into a bowl and make sure scraps don’t fall on the floor. 

Prepare the can

  • Cut open and flatten out the cans 
  • Cut off any nicks or jaggy bits and round off sharp corners 

Make the body 

  • Use a felt tip pen to draw the shapes onto the tin sheets 
  • 2 large circles: 1 for the tummy and 1 for the wings 
  • 2 smaller circles for the ‘eyes’ 
  • 1 triangle shape for the beak 
  • Get your adult to cut out the shapes  

Make the feathers 

  • Place the wings and the body shape onto a piece of cardboard or folded newspaper 
  • Press ‘V’ shapes onto the wings and body with a biro pen  
  • Turn the tin over to see how the pattern looks 

Make the eyes 

  • Place the two smaller ‘eye’ circles onto the squishy card or newspaper 
  • Punch two holes in the centre of each circle with the biro 
  • Snip small slits around the edges of each circle 

Join it altogether  

  • You are going to use two buttons to fasten all the pieces together. 
  • Line all the pieces up in this order : buttons/ eyes/ beak/ wings body. 
  • Mark each piece to show where you need to  punch two holes 
  • Punch holes as marked. 
  • Thread wire through holes in the buttons, eyes/beak/wings and body  
  • Twist ends of wire at the back of the body to fasten together 
  • Sellotape a safety pin to the back of the body to make your owl into a badge   


Inspiration from our collections

We have lots more upcycled and recycled objects in our collections like this Tomato Bangle, made by David Poston, which was inspired by food packaging designs. 

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