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‘Bumble Kilt’ from Acme Atelier

The ‘Bumble Kilt’ – so named for its distinctive yellow and black colourway – is made from vintage and deadstock fashion fabrics, creatively combined by kiltmaker Andrea Chappell of Acme Atelier to create a single garment. This sustainable approach to kilt wear reflects a broader movement within the clothing industry to combat the environmental impacts of fast fashion.

The Highland wear industry has long been geared towards the male silhouette. However, Highland wear for women is a recognised area of growth. Boutique kiltmakers, mainly working online, now offer tailored kilts for women as luxury fashion items. Based on the standard kilt shape and construction, these garments will often incorporate unusual – or, in the case of the ‘Bumble Kilt’, recycled – fabrics, which speak to the identity of the wearer in a manner that echoes the familial roots of tartan. These unique creations sit alongside traditional kilted skirts and sashes as the most common avenue into Highland wear for women, often worn when attending a ceilidh, Highland games, or Burns Night supper.

  • PF1093526

    Interior of 'Bumble Kilt' showing the mixture of vintage and deadstock fabrics used in its construction, from Acme Atelier, 2022

  • PF1092921

    Back of 'Bumble Kilt', from Acme Atelier, 2022

  • PF1092917

    Profile of 'Bumble Kilt', from Acme Atelier, 2022

  • PF1092916

    Vintage buckle on 'Bumble Kilt', from Acme Atelier, 2022

  • PF1092919

    Vented front apron of 'Bumble Kilt', from Acme Atelier, 2022

  • PF1092922

    Kingussie pleating on 'Bumble Kilt', from Acme Atelier, 2022

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