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In 2014, something very special was found in Galloway, South West Scotland – a buried collection of treasure that had been hidden for over a thousand years.

New stories are being uncovered about the people who made, used and buried these objects and how they ended up in Scotland.

Find out more about the hoard, and the stories of the people connected to it by exploring the learning resources below.

What is the Galloway Hoard?

This short animation is designed to introduce children and families to the Galloway Hoard:

Galloway Hoard: Viking Age Treasure

See the new touring exhibition, Galloway Hoard: Viking Age Treasure, currently on display at Kirkcudbright Galleries, 9 October 2021 - 10 July 2022 . Online booking required.

Kirkcudbright Galleries

Galloway Hoard themed week resources

Our Galloway Hoard themed weeks and digital sessions for schools have now closed, but you can still use and adapt some of our learning resources below.

You're welcome to use them with your school, group or family if you're visiting the exhibition or would like to find out more about the hoard yourself. 

Introduction activity

Use this activity to introduce some key themes and discussion topics inspired by the Galloway Hoard.


An image showing the layout of the Galloway Hoard pre-session activity pdf for schools


Download the activity sheet (pdf)


Matching quiz

After watching the animation on this webpage (see above), take this quiz to match the characters who appear with some of the objects in the hoard. 


Download the quiz (pdf)


Drawing the Galloway Hoard worksheet

Use the Drawing the Galloway Hoard worksheet to recap on some of the objects found within the gilded lidded vessel.


Download the worksheet (pdf)


Draw a viking-age brooch

Find out more about the Galloway Hoard's quatrefoil brooches and be creative about what the brooch depicting the sense of sight would look like. As well as drawing, pupils can also make a 3D version using recycled materials.


An image showing the layout of the Galloway Hoard draw a viking brooch pdf for schools


Download the worksheet (pdf)


A 21st century hoard

What would you want people in the future to learn about our lives today? Use this worksheet to write and draw about the special objects you own.


An image showing the layout of the Galloway Hoard 21st Century Hoard pdf for schools


Download the worksheet (pdf)


The Galloway Hoard on tour

Thanks to support from the Scottish Government, the exhibition will go on tour to Kirkcudbright Galleries in October 2021 and Aberdeen Museum and Art Gallery in summer 2022.

With your class, you could also explore

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