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Seasonal news and updates from our historic working farm at the National Museum of Rural Life.

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Museum reopening

The National Museum of Rural Life is reopening on Monday 26 April and tickets are now available to book.

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Life in lockdown continues behind the scenes on the Wester Kittochside farm and it has been a very busy 2021 already.

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Lambing season underway

All of our 200+ lambs have safely arrived and it is a busy time on the farm. We are happy to report that the lambs and ewes are all doing very well.

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Springtime arrivals

We're delighted to announce the arrival of Ayrshire calves and moreTamworth piglets to the farm.

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Scots dumpies

We welcomed five Scots Dumpy hens to the farm in February. The Scots Dumpy is a very old poultry breed of Scottish extraction and legend has it that when the Roman Army came to Scotland, the Picts carried a type of poultry similar to today’s Scots Dumpies as guards to warn off strangers approaching the camp.

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Georgina the Clydesdale

Georgina the Clydesdale foal that arrived last summer is growing up fast and has now moved into her own stall in the stable.

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Sooty and Sweep

Our resident farm cats have been practising their social distancing skills on a farm fence.

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A snowy farm

The snow in January and February made the daily activities more challenging on the farm but the Tamworth pigs seemed to enjoy being out in the snowy fields.

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Header image: View from the museum during a lockdown spring at the National Museum of Rural Life.

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