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Seven members of a family running forward, with some holding umbrellas.

Top things to see and do

Make the most of your visit with our museum highlights. Your rural adventure starts here!

Learn about the land

Our museum galleries are the first stop on your rural adventure. Here you'll discover how the land, people and new ways of working have shaped Scotland's rural history.

A grassy field with visitors feeding horses in the distance.

Explore the land and countryside at the National Museum of Rural Life.

Become a tractor fan

Did you know that the museum hosts Scotland's largest collection of tractors, combine harvesters and other farming machinery? Find out more about the collection.

Four tractors on display at the National Museum of Rural Life.

Learn about farming machinery at the museum.

Get your wellies on…

…for a walk to the farm! This country stroll takes you along a path overlooking the fields and hedgerows.

A family of 6 wearing wellies and waterproofs

Take a walk around the farm.

Make friends on the farm

Meet cattle, pigs, sheep and hens on our working farm – and look out for Sooty, the farm cat, patrolling the farmyard.

A black cat.

Look out for Sooty, the farm cat. 

Make time for tea

Don’t forget to round off your visit with a stop at our award-winning café, the perfect place for some good old-fashioned home baking.

A table with an empire biscuit and slice of cake on plates next to a coffee mug and milk jug.

Have a delicious treat at the Shielings Café. 

Meet our Clydesdales 

Did you know that before tractors were invented, horses used to pull ploughs and carry heavy loads on the farm? Meet our Clydesdales up at the farm or in the fields.

Two Clydesdale horses and a sheep and two lambs in a grassy field.

Meet the Clydesdale horses on the farm. 

A family walking along a trail in the countryside.

Pay once, visit all year with an Annual Pass!

Tickets are valid for unlimited visits for 12 months from the date of purchase. Terms and conditions apply.

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Plan your visit to the National Museum of Rural Life with our map to view online or print at home.

Museum map
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