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Rewilding Trail

Rewilding Trail

Swim rivers with a salmon, spread your wings with an eagle and discover how to help nature at home. Pick up our rewilding trail and explore our galleries to find out about some of Scotland's native species.

What is rewilding?

Over the years human activity has meant there are fewer spaces for wildlife.
Rewilding is the idea of letting nature take back some of these spaces.

Our Rewilding Trail explores animals still living in Scotland, like wildcats, animals that no longer do, like wolves, and animals that have been reintroduced, like beavers.

It also looks at wildflowers and ways you can make a bit space for nature at home.  

Illustration of a beaver.

Rewilding illustrations by Jenny Proudfoot.

Download the trail

Pick up the trail when visiting the National Museum of Scotland or download a copy below.

Rewilding Trail National Museums Scotland
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