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Fantastic Flying Forces

Our Digital Schools Sessions bring the museum to your classroom. Our free sessions are led by our team of Enablers and are broadcast using Microsoft Teams. Read our FAQs for further information about our sessions.

About the session


Fantastic Flying Forces

Suitable for

Primary 5–7


6 and 8 June 2023 (11:30 and 13:30)


11:30–11:55, 13:30–13:55


25 mins


Sessions are free of charge and are available to UK-based schools only.

By the end of the session, we will

understand what a force is and how they affect aircraft


Your class will follow simple experiments, which can be repeated with materials in any classroom, to discover all about the forces of flight. Our presenter will explain how these forces came to shape Concorde, the only successful supersonic jet airliner.

Curriculum links

By investigating how friction, including air resistance, affects motion, I can suggest ways to improve efficiency in moving objects

SCN 2 -07a

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