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Discover Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt was one of the earliest and longest-lived civilisations, spanning almost 4000 years of history. Explore the world of Ancient Egypt by playing our games.

Egyptian tomb adventure

Looking for a challenge? Join our expedition to explore an ancient Egyptian tomb.

Build a pyramid

Can you build a grand pyramid for the king's tomb? Where will you put it? What size will it be? What will you use to build it? And how will you look after your workforce? See if you can succeed in building a pyramid that lasts for thousands of years.

The Three Pyramids

Can you prepare the high priest for the Afterlife? Be quick - you only have until sunrise to collect everything you need!

Play and Learn

Play online games exploring a range of museum subjects.

Explore our collections

Explore stories, films, games and resources from the museums’ collections.

Dress like an Egyptian

Dress like an Egyptian queen or a craftsman and learn about Egyptian clothing.

Egyptian Hieroglyphs

What do ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs mean? Learn to translate them here.

Temple stores game

How quickly can you help the craftsmen find their basic supplies in the temple stores?

World Cultures galleries

How can you travel around the world without leaving Scotland? By visiting our World Cultures galleries.

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We’re reopening our museums

After nearly five months of closure, we have started to welcome visitors back to our museums with a phased reopening.

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