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Dr Nick Fraser

Nick Fraser is head of the Department of Natural Sciences and specialises in vertebrate palaeontology.

Colonial collections

Find out more about how colonial collectors gathered a broad range of objects from areas that were, and still are, considered ethnically and culturally Tibetan to some degree, including areas of Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim, Ladakh and West Bengal.

The Umbrian Madonna: history and analysis

The first stage of this interdisciplinary project explored the history of the sculpture and included a scientific analysis of its components. The findings informed the conservation and display of this rare piece.

Collaborative Doctoral Partnership opportunities

National Museums Scotland is a member of the Scottish Cultural Heritage Consortium. The Consortium is a Collaborative Doctoral Partnership funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC).

Turkey red pattern
North America

Much of the cotton used by the Scottish Turkey red manufacturers in the early years of the industry came from North America. This cotton was dyed and printed in Scotland and much of it was sent back to America in the form of bandannas, scarves and even flags.

East Asia, Africa and Australia

Although India was the biggest market for the Scottish Turkey red manufacturers, this did not stop the Vale of Leven firms from seeking out new customers. By the end of the nineteenth century they had established trade links with the Far East, Africa, Australia and the South Pacific.

Gold object of the week No. 3

The Knowes of Trotty discs

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