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Westlothiana lizziae

This very important fossil, affectionately known as ‘Lizzie', was discovered in Scotland in the 1980s and could be the earliest known reptile.

Plaque on a stone wall with deeply cut lines reading 'Alexander Graham Bell Inventor of the telephone Born here 3rd March 1847'.
Alexander Graham Bell's box telephone

This strange-looking device was the first model of telephone to go on sale. But can its creator, Alexander Graham Bell, truly lay claim to the title ‘inventor of the telephone’?

Our Chinese collection

From ancient ceramics to imperial jade, oracle bones to contemporary propaganda posters, our Chinese collection spans over four thousand years and includes around 11,000 items.

Hamilton-Rothschild tazza

This Byzantine sardonyx bowl mounted on a 16th-century gold stand is truly a magnificent object.

Relic of an Egyptian bowl.
An Egyptian Luxury in Roman Scotland

Discover how research and collecting at National Museums Scotland is reshaping understandings of Scotland in the past as we take a closer look at a very special Roman object with surprising Egyptian origins.

A hippopotamus and her two offspring resting in the clear water of a shallow lake.
BSL Tours: Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Explore Wildlife Photographer of the Year with a BSL tour for those who are Deaf/BSL users.

Digital scan of the Galloway Hoard silver vessel in full with lid on, placed on a marble table
The Galloway Hoard vessel

The lidded vessel which contained the Galloway Hoard's most precious treasures is itself a revelation.

Box of Amenhotep II

This box inscribed with the name of Pharaoh Amenhotep II is one of the finest examples of decorative woodwork to survive from ancient Egypt.

The Cossar newspaper printing press

Discover how this unique piece of Scottish printing heritage found a new home at the National Museums Collection Centre – bringing with it a sprinkle of Harry Potter magic!

A red motor car in the Science and Technology galleries.
Planifique su visita

Planifique su visita al Museo Nacional de Escocia.

Two visitors look at a large tapestry hanging on a wall.
Ullaich do thuras

Ullaich do thuras gu Taigh-tasgaidh Nàiseanta na h-Alba.

A visitor looking at a sculpture bust.
Pianificare una visita

Pianificare una visita al Museo Nazionale della Scozia.

A child plays with a puzzle display in the World Cultures galleries.
Planowanie wizyty

Planowanie wizyty w Narodowym Muzeum Szkocji.

Ancient Egyptian and Sudanese collections

National Museums Scotland’s internationally significant ancient Egyptian and Sudanese collections comprise around 6,300 items. Explore its rich treasures here.

Burmese amber

Discover how this enigmatic material is shining a light on ecosystems millions of years old.

Dolly the sheep in a glass case surrounded by vehicle displays in the Science and Technology galleries.


Bruce-Oosterwijck sea clock

This historic Bruce-Oosterwijck pendulum sea clock played an important role in the long quest for a practical way of determining longitude at sea; a problem that made sea voyages incredibly hazardous.

Pyramid casing stone

This block is one of the few surviving casing stones from the Great Pyramid of Giza, built for King Khufu. It is the only pyramid casing stone on display outside Egypt.

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