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Nature's Palette: Colouring our World

A lavishly illustrated new guide to Werner’s Nomenclature of Colour marking the bicentenary of the publication of the second edition.

Further reading

For further reading on Tibetan culture and the collection of Tibetan material objects, please refer to the existing literature which has been collated

Doctoral Training Programme research

Find out more about graduate research undertaken through the Edinburgh Earth and Environment (E3) Doctoral Training Programme (DTP).

Gold object of the week No. 3

The Knowes of Trotty discs

Gold object of the week No. 15

The Whitefarland Hoard, Arran

Printing artefacts

Studying artefacts made and used by those working in the printing industries helps inform what we know about 19th-century printing history. A study of the objects in the W. & R. Chambers collection reveals details of their image making process.

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