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Child standing in front of a plane looking through binoculars.
Museum trails

Explore the museum collections and historic airfield with our family trails.

The neck of a dress made from silk 'escape and evade' maps in bright oranges.
Maps: Memories from the Second World War

Through personal stories, photography and memorabilia, this new exhibition charts the creation and use of maps during the Second World War.

Red and green wax seals fixed to paper tassels attached to the Declaration of Arbroath.
Member Spotlight: The Declaration of Arbroath

Join us for an exclusive Member event to learn more about one of the most important documents in Scottish History.

The Luxury of Time: Clocks from 1550-1750

The Luxury of Time displayed a collection of rare and significant historical timepieces telling the story of a golden age of innovation in British watch and clockmaking.

Black and white photo of a group of soldiers in front of a plane on the airfield.
History of East Fortune

East Fortune Airfield is the UK's best-preserved Second World War airfield. Discover its history from its beginnings in the First World War to its transformation to a national museum.

The Grand Gallery at night, with dark purple and pink lighting and activities across the floor. Gaming shapes are projected onto the floor too.
Museum Late: Game On

Join us for a night of grown-up fun and games in the spectacular setting of the National Museum of Scotland at night.

Two horses, a sheep, and two lambs in a grassy field at the National Museum of Rural Life.
Clyde's Museum Adventure

Explore the highlights of the museum and our working farm with this family trail.

Second World War: VE Day

Every year on 8 May, people take time to reflect and remember the sacrifices people made during the war, but also to mark this day of celebration.

For Teachers: Secondary Resources

Explore a range of activities suitable for pupils working at Third and Fourth Levels and Senior Phase including the First World War, Parasites and Fashion.

A black and white photo of a group of people standing outside with a cart with balloons.
Morning Curator Tour: Cold War Scotland

Join our exhibition curators for an exclusive early morning tour of our Cold War Scotland exhibition.

Brigadier Norman Macdonald sits at a desk surrounded by papers.
Members' event: Maps: Memories from the Second World War

Join us for this exclusive Member event which will explore the many uses of maps and the stories behind them during the Second World War.

Supermarine Spitfire LF.XVIe

The Spitfire is the most famous of all British combat aircraft, and played a vital role in the Battle of Britain in 1940.

Dalek cyborg emerging from a vortex in space with a DNA double helix, police box, and earth in the background.
Doctor Who Worlds of Wonder

Doctor Who Worlds of Wonder explored the science behind the global hit television series Doctor Who and give fans a chance to experience the Doctor’s adventures from a scientific perspective.

A hand holds the neck of a violin in front of the grand gallery at the National Museum of Scotland.
Wellbeing Week: Musical Moments in the Museum

Enjoy an afternoon of musical encounters, featuring two musicians from the Scottish Chamber Orchestra.

Gold-coloured brooch and pin, intricately decorated with raised Pictish-style patterns and red gemstones.
Members’ Spotlight: New Insights on Viking Burials

Join us for this exclusive Member event to learn more about one of the rarest Viking-age discoveries in Scotland.

For Teachers: Primary Resources

Explore a range of activities suitable for pupils working at Early, First and Second Levels including: - Mandarin - Writing a story - Maths and numeracy

Commercial aviation in the 20th century

Thursday 25 June 2020 marks the 65th anniversary of the first flight of the Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer. We mark this occasion with a look back at how commercial aviation has changed.

Next of Kin: Family mementoes of the First World War

Explore treasured artefacts passed down through generations, providing a personal insight into the lives of those at home and on the front lines.

Rectangles of yellow cake with white icing and floral decorations
Eating at the museum

Enjoy a range of freshly prepared food and drink in our two cafés at the museum.

A black and white photo of a person holding a flag who is standing on a submarine which is at the surface of a loch.
Members' Preview Day: Cold War Scotland

We are delighted to invite National Museums Scotland Members and Patrons to an exclusive Preview Day of Cold War Scotland before the exhibition opens to the public.

Visitors look at a willow sculpture of a cat sitting on a wall
Willow Sculpture Trail

Discover our new trail on a walk to the farm.

An adult and a child sit on stools sketching infront of a case of taxidermy.
Wellbeing Week: Mindful Art at the Museum

Join artist Kayleigh McCallum and mindfulness practitioner Charlene Duncan for mindful sketching in our galleries.

Hawker Siddeley Harrier

Known as the ‘jump jet’, the Harrier was the world’s first vertical take-off combat aeroplane to enter operational service. The Harrier at the National Museum of Flight is the oldest in existence.

Monymusk reliquary

Take a look inside one of the most treasured objects in the National Museum of Scotland.

Waka Taua

Maori craftsmanship and museum conservation bring to life one of our most unusual and intriguing objects.

Members' Event: Cold War Scotland

Join us for this exclusive Member event to discover how Scotland’s unique geography and topography affected its role in the Cold War and the how it influenced the lives of Scottish people.

A moment of eye contact with a leopard as it curls its tail, while striding over water.
Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Wildlife Photographer of the Year is the most prestigious photography event of its kind, providing a global platform that showcases some of the best photography talent from around the world for nearly 60 years.

National Museums Scotland Appoints New Director of Collections

National Museums Scotland is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Sam Alberti as its new Director of Collections.

Hands are holding a twisted metal necklace in front of an object with the same shape in the Scotland Galleries
Multisensory Museum Walk: Scotland Galleries

Join dance artist Alena Ageeva to experience our Scottish archaeology and art collections in a new and creative way using movement, touch, sound and smell.

Half term: Second World War Scotland

Discover real objects and stories from the Second World War Scotland with our half term activities.

Brown-orange bronze armlet, shaped like a tube, decorated with bold symbols in relief.
Benin collections at National Museums Scotland

For centuries the highly skilled artists and artisans of the Edo Kingdom have produced outstanding artworks of immense cultural value in the royal city of Benin in present day Nigeria.

Gilded Balloon at the Museum

Gilded Balloon are back: bringing Festival fun to the National Museum of Scotland throughout August.

Museum Moves: Family Yoga

Use these seven yoga based poses to move, stretch and get energised, inspired by our collections. You can do each one on its own or all seven together in a 'yoga flow'.

Letters from the trenches

Find out about life in the trenches from a selection of letters from the First World War by Captain William Bennet-Clark.

Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer

Only 89 Twin Pioneers were ever built – and you can see one in the National Museum of Flight.

Second World War: People and Places

Images of people taking part in aspects of everyday life at home and and on the front line during the Second World War from the Scottish Life Archive and the collection.

Blaschka models

Discover how these amazing glass models have been educating and inspiring visitors for almost 150 years.

Making Circles Schools Project

The Making Circles schools project invited children to be inspired by National Museums Scotland’s collections to create new Circular Economy products.

Enigmatic eurypterids

Important type specimen discovered on display at the National Museum of Scotland.

Moby the whale

Discover how the skull of a 40ft whale, which captured the heart of the nation, has become a permanent feature at the National Museum of Scotland.

Avro Vulcan B.2A

See the world's first delta winged bomber on display at National Museum of Flight, East Fortune Airfield.

Closeup of Alexander Peden's mask. Resembles a human decaying human face with eye holes and real light brown hair with beard.
Alexander Peden's mask

Behind this frightening-looking mask, worn as a disguise by the outlawed Covenanting minister Alexander Peden, lies a fascinating story of rebellion and religious conviction.

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