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Mummy Shroud

A unique, full-length mummy shroud, which is over 2,000 years old yet is still in remarkable condition, has been discovered in National Museums Scotland’s collections.

Close-up detail of wool and mohair woven tweed fabric in green, yellow, orange, and pink.
Bernat Klein: Design in Colour

This exhibition explored the life and career of Bernat Klein, one of the 20th century’s leading forces in modernist design, in this free exhibition marking the centenary of his birth.

A man from Oceania dramatically poses on a beach covered in a shallow layer of water and seaweed. Throwing his head back and striking a 'warrior pose', his long braided hair, traditional dyed cloth wrapping below his waist, and the boat paddle he holds make him seem powerful and heroic.
Rising Tide: Art and Environment in Oceania

A new exhibition at the National Museum of Scotland showcasing artworks created in response to the climate crisis in Australia and the Pacific Islands.

For Teachers: Primary Resources

Explore a range of activities suitable for pupils working at Early, First and Second Levels including: - Mandarin - Writing a story - Maths and numeracy

Art of Glass on film

Preparing for the Art of Glass exhibition at National Museum of Scotland.

Black and white photo of a group of soldiers in front of a plane on the airfield.
History of East Fortune

East Fortune Airfield is the UK's best-preserved Second World War airfield. Discover its history from its beginnings in the First World War to its transformation to a national museum.

Two visitors looking at mosaic tiles hanging on a wall.
Top 10 things to see and do

Your journey of discovery starts here...

Social Impact Toolkit

This toolkit was created in partnership with museums across Scotland to explore ways to measure and articulate the social impact of engagement with autistic children, their families and young people.

Two horses, a sheep, and two lambs in a grassy field at the National Museum of Rural Life.
Clyde's Museum Adventure

Explore the highlights of the museum and our working farm with this family trail.

Tyrannosaurus rex

Meet the 12 metre-long, spectacular life-sized skeleton cast of a Tyrannosaurus rex, one of the star attractions at the National Museum of Scotland.

A teacher gathers a group of primary school pupils around an Egyptian Coffin.
Trails & resources for the National Museum of Scotland

Explore the National Museum of Scotland with your class using our themed trails.

Ancient Egypt across Scotland

An incredible array of Egyptian objects can be found in museums across Scotland, from tiny amulets to massive stone monuments. National Museums Scotland and museums across the country are studying these artefacts together to improve our understanding of ancient Egyptian culture and Scotland’s contribution to Egyptology.

Scotland's native wildlife

Home to over 90,000 species, Scotland’s land, seas and skies support a wide range of native mammals and birds, amphibians, reptiles and over 50,000 different invertebrates. The collection at National Museums Scotland has examples of some of the iconic, at risk and once extinct birds and mammals native to Scotland.

Margaret Tytler's Indian models

This fascinating collection of scale models provides an invaluable source of information on life in 19th century India.

General self-led visit

A general self-led visit to the National Museum of Scotland is free to book and allows you to explore a wide range of topics.

Oracle Bones

Oracle bones are parts of animal bone, used in divination ceremonies in ancient China. National Museums Scotland’s collection of oracle bones dates from the late Shang dynasty (c.1200–1050 BC) and was found at Yinxu site near Anyang city, in central China.

Selfie Safari

Can you complete our Selfie Safari challenge? Find all the animals and take a family portrait with each one!

Tour of the Ancient Egyptian Gallery

Join curator Margaret Maitland for a guided virtual tour of our Ancient Egypt Rediscovered gallery.

New to the National Collection

New to the National Collection showcased the latest additions to our collections, including objects that will feature in ten new galleries in 2016.

Scotland's Early Silver

The story of Scotland’s early silver and how this precious metal helped to shape the first kingdoms of Scotland.

An adult and child get hands on with objects from our collection, supported by an Enabler.
Visiting FAQs

Learn more ahead of your visit to the National Museum of Scotland.

Made in Scotland, Changing the World

Over the last 300 years, Scottish scientists and engineers have made discoveries and inventions that have changed our relationship with the world. From simple, everyday processes to cutting edge of 21st-century medicine, Scotland remains at the heart of scientific innovation.

National Museums Scotland Launches Gaelic Language Consultation

National Museums Scotland has launched a consultation on its draft Gaelic Language Plan.

Hawk wings

The BAE Systems Hawk is a British single-engine, jet-powered advanced trainer aircraft. A stunning pair of Hawk wings with the iconic RAF Red Arrows livery are on display in the new Explore gallery at the National Museum of Scotland.

From minerals to your mobile

A huge range of different elements are used to make up the components of a mobile phone. But did you know that many of them can be found in minerals you can see on display at the National Museum of Scotland?

Painting of a man playing the bagpipes in the countryside. He is wearing a uniform of red tartan.
Centre for Open Learning: Scotland – Romance and Reality

Explore the romance and reality of 18th and 19th century Scotland in this one-day course.

Very old book with a colourful spine on a velvety red surface. Faded off-white cover decorated with a cherub and group of people between two columns.
Mary, Queen of Scots and the Book of Hours

Marvel up close at the pages of an illustrated prayer book featuring a handwritten poem by a young Mary, Queen of Scots.

Colour illustration of a four towers of power equipment on the surface of Mars.
Stirling Engine

A Stirling engine is powered by hot air rather than steam. Now 200 years old, its revolutionary technology has become even more relevant today.

The Glenmorangie Commission

In 2018, the internationally renowned metalsmith Simone ten Hompel was commissioned by National Museums Scotland and The Glenmorangie Company to create a new artwork inspired by our curatorial research and the Museum’s collection of metal artefacts from early medieval Scotland.

Dunlop tyre

This revolutionary pneumatic tyre was donated to the museum by its maker, John Boyd Dunlop, in 1910. But who really invented it?

Visitors look at a willow sculpture of a cat sitting on a wall
Willow Sculpture Trail

Discover our new trail on a walk to the farm.

Rectangles of yellow cake with white icing and floral decorations
Eating at the museum

Enjoy a range of freshly prepared food and drink in our two cafés at the museum.

Articulated Necklace by Dorothy Hogg

This articulated silver necklace encapsulating a large labradorite disc is one of Dorothy Hogg’s earliest works (1969-70).

Parasites: Battle for Survival

Join the battle against five tropical diseases and the parasites that cause them in this interactive exhibition and discover how scientific research taking place in Scotland is leading the way in this field.

Ornate silver chest pointed at diagonally to view two sides at once. A heavy lock guards it and a coat of arms is inscribed on one side.
The Silver Casket

See an iconic piece of Scotland’s national heritage, the silver casket believed to have been owned by Mary, Queen of Scots.


Meet Cybraphon, the moody autonomous robot band in a box created by Edinburgh-based artist collective FOUND.

Darien chest

Discover the story of Scotland's failed venture to colonise part of Panama in the 17th century.

Scottish Research Book of the Year 2023

Book linked to the Hugh Miller Collection in National Museums Scotland wins this prestigious award

Press archive

Our press office handles UK and international media requests for the four national museums and our collection centre.

Theravāda Buddhism

This thought-provoking display charts the history and influence of the Theravāda Buddhist tradition across the world, including its role in Scotland today.

Revealing the Secrets of the Rosemarkie Sunfish

Discover the facts about a large ocean sunfish that stranded off Scotland’s coast in 2020 and hear what we can learn from studying this strange fish.

Prisoners of war at East Kilbride

During and directly after the Second World War, the Reid family at Wester Kittochside, East Kilbride employed both Italian and German prisoners of war.

Seven members of a family running forward, with some holding umbrellas.
Top things to see and do

Make the most of your visit with our museum highlights. Your rural adventure starts here!

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