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Child looks towards the right through a brass telescope.
Curiosity Club

Calling all inquisitive kids aged 7 -11! Our popular Curiosity Clubs are back for more adventure, discovery and fun.

Relic of an Egyptian bowl.
An Egyptian Luxury in Roman Scotland

Discover how research and collecting at National Museums Scotland is reshaping understandings of Scotland in the past as we take a closer look at a very special Roman object with surprising Egyptian origins.

Designing for the Climate: Circular Economy

Discover more about the Circular Economy through the work of young people across Scotland, led by Ostrero.

Waka Taua

Maori craftsmanship and museum conservation bring to life one of our most unusual and intriguing objects.

Four visitors look through a display case in the Fashion and Style gallery.
Explore the galleries

From the age of dinosaurs to the technology of the future, our galleries contain treasures from around the world.

A visitor looks at their phone infront of a display case.
Museum tours and trails

Explore museum highlights and discover new objects, themes and stories

Jean Muir archive

In a fashion career spanning more than 40 years, Jean Muir acquired a reputation for restrained, elegant design and a devoted following. Explore signature styles from the Jean Muir archive and discover what made her designs so innovative and enduring.

Victorian photographic techniques

Discover how Victorian inventors and entrepreneurs succeeded in capturing the very first images.

Assyrian relief

The panel was given to the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland in 1865 by Sir James Young Simpson.

Taguchi Fumiki's Wound Around choker

This acquisition by contemporary Japanese artist, Taguchi Fumiki, has been laboriously carved to sparkle like diamonds.

European Decorative Arts

The European Decorative Arts section encompasses gold and silver, sculpture, ceramics, glass, enamels, arms and armour, dress, tapestries, textiles and furniture made between 1200 and 1850.

National Strategy

National Museums Scotland launched its first national strategy in 2006 and since then our work across the country has gone from strength to strength.


Meet Cybraphon, the moody autonomous robot band in a box created by Edinburgh-based artist collective FOUND.

NMS Enterprises

NMS Enterprises was established in 2002 to facilitate the commercial activities of National Museums Scotland.

A person tracing a child's hand on a piece of paper.
Sensory Sunday

Exciting, hands-on sensory play sessions for children with additional support needs.

Artworks by Danie Mellor

In 2013, National Museums Scotland acquired one metal sculpture and one work on paper by contemporary Australian artist Danie Mellor.

The story of syringes

Syringes are important medical tools and have been around for thousands of years. With the ongoing vaccination effort against COVID-19, you or a loved one may well have encountered one quite recently.

Vase by Hamish Dobbie

This beautiful piece was commissioned from Scottish silversmith Hamish Dobbie by the P&O Makower Trust for the Making and Creating gallery.

Anatomical drawing of the top half of a human from the back with skin partially pulled away to reveal muscle and veins underneath.
Anatomy: A Matter of Death and Life

This exhibition explored the history of anatomical study, from artistic explorations by Leonardo da Vinci to the Burke and Hare murders.

Ancient Egypt across Scotland

An incredible array of Egyptian objects can be found in museums across Scotland, from tiny amulets to massive stone monuments. National Museums Scotland and museums across the country are studying these artefacts together to improve our understanding of ancient Egyptian culture and Scotland’s contribution to Egyptology.

Museum Socials

Our Museum Socials series of events are created for anyone affected by Dementia and their relatives, friends and supporters.

National work

We work across Scotland to share the national collections, engage with local communities, and provide support for our sector.

A thick, twisting rainbow coloured line on a black background.
LGBTQIA+ Hidden Histories Trail

Discover unexplored stories in our LGBTQIA+ Hidden Histories audio trail.

National Museums Scotland Launches Gaelic Language Consultation

National Museums Scotland has launched a consultation on its draft Gaelic Language Plan.

Elements of Edinburgh Science Festival

Discover amazing science from inside your own home as we explore the elemental themes of the Edinburgh Science Festival 2020.

How to make a Dragon Sock Puppet

In this video, artist Sophie Orton shows how to make your own dragon sock puppet from things you have at home. This video was created by artists Katie and Sophie Orton.

Gérard Quenum's 'L'Ange'

This bold and engaging sculpture is a mixed media piece made from recycled found objects.

The Lothian Birth Cohort

What is it like to hold your own brain? John Scott, a Lothian Birth Cohort participant, was lucky enough to find out

Colour illustration of a four towers of power equipment on the surface of Mars.
Stirling Engine

A Stirling engine is powered by hot air rather than steam. Now 200 years old, its revolutionary technology has become even more relevant today.

Urn depicting a naked human figure with wings. Image has a transparent rainbow overlay.
LGBTQIA+ stories

Explore stories about LGBTQIA+ history and culture, with reflections from members of the community.

Articulated Necklace by Dorothy Hogg

This articulated silver necklace encapsulating a large labradorite disc is one of Dorothy Hogg’s earliest works (1969-70).

Triumph of Prudence tapestry

Hung in Europe’s most noble households, this luxurious tapestry belongs to a Flemish set known as The Triumph of the Seven Virtues. It was woven in Brussels during the early 16th century.

Revealing the Secrets of the Rosemarkie Sunfish

Discover the facts about a large ocean sunfish that stranded off Scotland’s coast in 2020 and hear what we can learn from studying this strange fish.

Art and Science – Communicating the Climate Emergency

Our panel of artists and museum curators discuss the urgency of the climate and biodiversity crisis, the research and technology being used to tackle it and how art can help communicate this critical message and inspire change.

Vivienne Westwood suit

Scotland Creates volunteer Bethany Lane introduces this distinctive Harris Tweed suit created by iconic fashion designer Vivienne Westwood.

The Circular Economy

Discover more about the Circular Economy through the Making Circles schools project, led by Ostrero.

Our Chinese collection

From ancient ceramics to imperial jade, oracle bones to contemporary propaganda posters, our Chinese collection spans over four thousand years and includes around 11,000 items.

'Sculpture look' by Craig Green

This dramatic ensemble by British designer Craig Green heads up the catwalk in our Fashion and Style gallery.

Red and green wax seals fixed to paper tassels attached to the Declaration of Arbroath.
Member Spotlight: The Declaration of Arbroath

Join us for an exclusive Member event to learn more about one of the most important documents in Scottish History.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is National Museums Scotland’s governing body. It is responsible for setting the organisation’s strategic direction and for monitoring progress to achieve this.

Ornate silver chest pointed at diagonally to view two sides at once. A heavy lock guards it and a coat of arms is inscribed on one side.
The Silver Casket

See an iconic piece of Scotland’s national heritage, the silver casket believed to have been owned by Mary, Queen of Scots.

Portrait of Eunice Olumide, crouching down posing in a white dress
Celebrating Black Fashion

Join model and broadcaster Eunice Olumide as she shares her experience of a transforming industry with museum curator Georgina Ripley.

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