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The Rise and Fall of Hamilton Palace

The destruction of Hamilton Palace, the grandest stately home in Britain, was one of the greatest losses to national heritage ever to happen in this country. This is the story of how Scotland’s biggest treasure trove was won and lost.

Andreas Vesalius, De humani corporis fabrica libri septem. Wellcome Collection.
Silent Teachers: The Story of Modern Body Donation

Inspired by our exhibition, Anatomy: A Matter of Death and Life, our expert panel discussed the modern approach to anatomical study and body donation in this online event.

Burmese amber

Discover how this enigmatic material is shining a light on ecosystems millions of years old.

Barkcloth dance masks from Papua New Guinea

Three dramatic barkcloth masks offer an insight into the traditional beliefs and celebrations of the Elema people from the Gulf of Papua, Papua New Guinea, at the turn of the 20th century.

British ensemble by Marks & Spencer

This classic outfit was part of Marks & Spencer's 'Best of British' range, which celebrated British craftsmanship and creativity.


Our specialist Biobank facility comprises thousands of frozen tissue samples used by researchers worldwide as sources of DNA.

Dr Evelyn Baxter and Miss Leonora Rintoul

Meet 'the good ladies' of bird collecting, two pioneering ornithologists whose work is still influential today.

Portrait cloth commemorating Mary Slessor

Why should a 19th century Scottish woman feature on a contemporary African cloth? Discover the story of Mary Slessor: missionary, magistrate and champion of women's rights.

Art at War

Discover a range of paintings, drawings and pastels from the First and Second World Wars from our military collection.

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