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'Sculpture look' by Craig Green

This dramatic ensemble by British designer Craig Green heads up the catwalk in our Fashion and Style gallery.

Red and green wax seals fixed to paper tassels attached to the Declaration of Arbroath.
Member Spotlight: The Declaration of Arbroath

Join us for an exclusive Member event to learn more about one of the most important documents in Scottish History.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is National Museums Scotland’s governing body. It is responsible for setting the organisation’s strategic direction and for monitoring progress to achieve this.

Ornate silver chest pointed at diagonally to view two sides at once. A heavy lock guards it and a coat of arms is inscribed on one side.
The Silver Casket

See an iconic piece of Scotland’s national heritage, the silver casket believed to have been owned by Mary, Queen of Scots.

Portrait of Eunice Olumide, crouching down posing in a white dress
Celebrating Black Fashion

Join model and broadcaster Eunice Olumide as she shares her experience of a transforming industry with museum curator Georgina Ripley.

Illustrating Egyptian excavations: Annie Pirie Quibell

Aberdeen-born Annie Pirie was one of the first women in the United Kingdom to study Egyptology. Discover how this trained artist and pioneering archaeologist has left a lasting legacy.

A child and adult looking at a geological specimen.
Relaxed Curiosity Club

Exciting, hands-on sessions for curious ASN families.

The Eglinton tournament: the quest for authenticity

In August 1839, Lord Eglinton held a mock-medieval tournament at his estate in North Ayrshire, Scotland. The event was hugely popular, and around 100,000 people attended. Step onto the battlefield and discover some of the objects associated with this flamboyant festival here.

A family looking up at a statue in the Exploring East Asia gallery.
History of the National Museum of Scotland

In 2016, we celebrated 150 years since the magnificent building that houses the National Museum of Scotland first opened to the public. Explore the Museum’s history here.

The Cossar newspaper printing press

Discover how this unique piece of Scottish printing heritage found a new home at the National Museums Collection Centre – bringing with it a sprinkle of Harry Potter magic!

Margaret Tytler's Indian models

This fascinating collection of scale models provides an invaluable source of information on life in 19th century India.

The mystery of the miniature coffins

Satanic spell, superstitious charm or echo of Edinburgh’s grisly underworld history? We examine the theories put forward to explain the strange tale of these tiny coffins.

The Rise and Fall of Hamilton Palace

The destruction of Hamilton Palace, the grandest stately home in Britain, was one of the greatest losses to national heritage ever to happen in this country. This is the story of how Scotland’s biggest treasure trove was won and lost.

Black anatomical line drawing of muscles on a human form with hand outstretched, labelled with letters and Latin text.
Silent Teachers: The Story of Modern Body Donation

Inspired by our exhibition, Anatomy: A Matter of Death and Life, our expert panel discussed the modern approach to anatomical study and body donation in this online event.

A man from Oceania dramatically poses on a beach covered in a shallow layer of water and seaweed. Throwing his head back and striking a 'warrior pose', his long braided hair, traditional dyed cloth wrapping below his waist, and the boat paddle he holds make him seem powerful and heroic.
Rising Tide: Art and Environment in Oceania

A new exhibition at the National Museum of Scotland showcasing artworks created in response to the climate crisis in Australia and the Pacific Islands.

Gold-coloured brooch and pin, intricately decorated with raised Pictish-style patterns and red gemstones.
Members’ Spotlight: New Insights on Viking Burials

Join us for this exclusive Member event to learn more about one of the rarest Viking-age discoveries in Scotland.

Members of NKS admire the craftmanship of the mask of Ravana.
South Asian Stories

The South Asian Stories project aimed to explore museum objects through the eyes of the local communities of Bengali, Indian and Pakistani cultural heritage.

Scottish Research Book of the Year 2023

Book linked to the Hugh Miller Collection in National Museums Scotland wins this prestigious award

Burmese amber

Discover how this enigmatic material is shining a light on ecosystems millions of years old.

Comparative analysis of vestibular ecomorphology in birds

Is it possible to infer the agility or manoeuvrability of a fossil animal from the shape of its labyrinth?

Barkcloth dance masks from Papua New Guinea

Three dramatic barkcloth masks offer an insight into the traditional beliefs and celebrations of the Elema people from the Gulf of Papua, Papua New Guinea, at the turn of the 20th century.

British ensemble by Marks & Spencer

This classic outfit was part of Marks & Spencer's 'Best of British' range, which celebrated British craftsmanship and creativity.


Our specialist Biobank facility comprises thousands of frozen tissue samples used by researchers worldwide as sources of DNA.

endant of gold inlaid with rubies and emeralds, beneath the central rock crystal a depiction of the Hindu goddess Durga, preceded by Hanuman.
Maharaja Duleep Singh's jewellery

Identity and belonging: reflections by Sikh Indians on the Maharaja Duleep Singh collection

Scotland’s Fabulous Geology

Natural Sciences staff have been participating in this year's Scottish Geology Festival.

Dr Evelyn Baxter and Miss Leonora Rintoul

Meet 'the good ladies' of bird collecting, two pioneering ornithologists whose work is still influential today.

Portrait cloth commemorating Mary Slessor

Why should a 19th century Scottish woman feature on a contemporary African cloth? Discover the story of Mary Slessor: missionary, magistrate and champion of women's rights.

Art at War

Discover a range of paintings, drawings and pastels from the First and Second World Wars from our military collection.

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