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Dr Stig Walsh

Dr Stig Walsh is Senior Curator of Vertebrate Palaeobiology.

The Umbrian Madonna: Sculpture and 3D medieval painting

Following the success of the initial project, we succeeded in securing funding from the Henry Moore Foundation and the KT Wiedemann Foundation to go further in our analysis of the 14-century sculpture of the Madonna and Child.

Colonial collections

Find out more about how colonial collectors gathered a broad range of objects from areas that were, and still are, considered ethnically and culturally Tibetan to some degree, including areas of Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim, Ladakh and West Bengal.

Dr John Giblin

John Giblin is Keeper for the Department of World Cultures.

The Umbrian Madonna: history and analysis

The first stage of this interdisciplinary project explored the history of the sculpture and included a scientific analysis of its components. The findings informed the conservation and display of this rare piece.

Dress and Textiles from Highland South East Asia

A University of Glasgow Student Work Placement Project Jan – Apr 2017


The Invertebrate collections date from the mid-1800s and include samples of many different groups of animals.

Dr Jerry Herman

Jerry Herman is Senior Curator of Vertebrates and specialises in mammals.

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