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Quilted garments and quilts

Quilted garments, such as petticoats or dressing gowns, provide a rare example of how Turkey red dyed and printed cottons were actually used.

Museum Stories: Ancient Egypt Event (P3-5)

Join our museum curators to find out more about their jobs, what they enjoyed when they were children, and to hear some fascinating facts about ancient Egypt.

Contact us and Membership FAQs

Everything you need to know about Member benefits, becoming a Member, renewing or changing your Membership and gift Membership.

About Scotland Creates

Here's where you can find out all about our project, Scotland Creates: A Sense of Place!

The Umbrian Madonna: Sculpture and 3D medieval painting

Following the success of the initial project, we succeeded in securing funding from the Henry Moore Foundation and the KT Wiedemann Foundation to go further in our analysis of the 14-century sculpture of the Madonna and Child.

Printing artefacts

Studying artefacts made and used by those working in the printing industries helps inform what we know about 19th-century printing history. A study of the objects in the W. & R. Chambers collection reveals details of their image making process.

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