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Dolly the sheep

As the first cloned mammal ever to be created from an adult cell, Dolly the sheep's birth was of huge excitement both to the scientific world and to the public.

Doctor Who Gallery Trail

Our very own in-house Whovians have chosen 10 objects from our collections that have links to some of the scientific themes and stories from the iconic television series.

Top 10 things to see and do

Your journey of discovery starts here...

News from the farm

Seasonal news and updates from our historic working farm at the National Museum of Rural Life.

Dolly and the Atom Smasher

Fly across Scotland with Dolly the sheep, hitch a ride to space on a rocket and collect museum objects along the way.

Farm animals

Our working farm at the National Museum of Rural Life is home to Ayrshire, Aberdeen Angus and Highland cattle, Tamworth pigs, sheep, hens and Clydesdale horses.

Three Alpacas © Ruth Armstrong
Woolly Weekend

Join us for a weekend of all things woolly!

Science and Technology galleries

Communications, transport, industry, engineering, energy and medicine: how have scientific and technological inventions changed our lives?

Making Circles Schools Project

The Making Circles schools project invited children to be inspired by National Museums Scotland’s collections to create new Circular Economy products.

Top things to see and do

Make the most of your visit with our museum highlights. Your rural adventure starts here!

Top activities to try with kids

Sow the seeds of curiosity with a family visit to our museum and historic working farm.

Strathmore Meteorite

On 3 December 1917, a little after 13:00, a large fireball was seen to cross southern Scotland. A short time later, an explosion was heard and four objects were seen or heard to crash to the ground around the towns of Coupar Angus and Blairgowrie in the Strathmore area of central Scotland.

Prisoners of war at East Kilbride

During and directly after the Second World War, the Reid family at Wester Kittochside, East Kilbride employed both Italian and German prisoners of war.

Who was Robert Burns?

Discover the life of the National Bard through the collections of National Museums Scotland.

Alexander Graham Bell's box telephone

This strange-looking device was the first model of telephone to go on sale. But can its creator, Alexander Graham Bell, truly lay claim to the title ‘inventor of the telephone’?

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