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Commonwealth Games objects

In 2014 Scotland welcomed the Commonwealth Games to Glasgow. Objects from our collection give an insight into the history of the games.

Game board for chaupar or patchisi, part of set, checquered, glass beads, gold leaf in oranges and yellows.
South Asian games

Discovering the origins of the some of the world's most famous board games

The Reid Family Christmas and New Year

The Wester Kittochside Farm at National Museum of Rural Life was owned and run by the Reid family for more than 400 years. Find out how the tenth laird and his family celebrated Christmas and New Year on the farm.

Excavating in Egypt

Excavated in 1908, the complete burial of the ‘Qurna Queen’ expands our understanding of a tumultuous time in Egypt’s history.

Museum Screen Time: expert reacts to the Viking Age in pop culture

Join Galloway Hoard researcher Dr Adrián Maldonado as he reacts to depictions of the Viking Age in movies, TV and video games.

Unmask the Lewis chess pieces

Welcome to the world of the Lewis chess pieces! Discover all there is to know about these mysterious figures in this interactive resource.

Game Masters

Featuring over 100 playable games, Game Masters showcased the work of more than 30 leading videogame designers.

Game On

Explore the largest interactive exhibition of the history and the culture of video games. Tickets on sale now.

Young person points at a model of the museum made from Lego.
Summer Family Fun

Drop-in for some holiday fun and games at the museum this summer.

Make your own Lewis chess piece

The Lewis chess pieces live in the National Museum of Scotland. Colour them in or cut out and make your own chess piece here.

Learning resources for schools

Explore stories, films, games and resources from the museums’ collections.

Different aircraft hanging in the Science and Technology gallery
Science and Technology galleries

Communications, transport, industry, engineering, energy and medicine: how have scientific and technological inventions changed our lives?

For Teachers: Secondary Resources

Explore a range of activities suitable for pupils working at Third and Fourth Levels and Senior Phase including the First World War, Parasites and Fashion.

Child looks towards the right through a brass telescope.
Curiosity Club

Calling all inquisitive kids aged 7 -11! Our popular Curiosity Clubs are back for more adventure, discovery and fun.

A group of carved Lewis chess pieces
The Lewis chess pieces

These medieval chess pieces from the Scottish island of Lewis are among our most popular collections. They give us fascinating insights into the international connections of western Scotland and the growing popularity of chess in medieval Europe.

A woman viewing a series of costume masks in the Performance Lives gallery
World Cultures galleries

How can you travel around the world without leaving Scotland? By visiting our World Cultures galleries.

Vine arm

This beautiful botanical prosthetic arm was designed by Sophie de Oliveira Barata for model Kelly Knox.

Two children in a gallery, one leans back with a look of surprise, the other rests on the display in front.
Family Galleries

Filled with interactives and spaces for reflection, stories and experimentation, our family friendly galleries have something for everyone.

Collecting the Present

National Museums Scotland is collecting history as it happens. Our new film series, Collecting the Present, explores objects we have collected recently that document cultural, political and social change in Scotland.

East and Central Asia

The Museum’s East and Central Asian collections, comprised of over 36,000 objects, are of national and international importance. The collection includes ceramics, lacquer, prints and paintings, clothing and textiles, ivory, metalwork, jade, furniture, contemporary art, and coins.

New thinking, new collecting

This display highlights a small selection from our Scottish History & Archaeology collections, showing how research and collecting at National Museums Scotland is reshaping understandings of Scotland in the past, and reflecting the Scotland of today for future generations of museum visitors.

Members of NKS admire the craftmanship of the mask of Ravana.
South Asian Stories

The South Asian Stories project aimed to explore museum objects through the eyes of the local communities of Bengali, Indian and Pakistani cultural heritage.

A child and adult looking at a geological specimen.
Relaxed Curiosity Club

Exciting, hands-on sessions for curious ASN families.

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