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The Galloway Hoard: Dr Martin Goldberg in conversation with Michael Hirst

Curator Dr Martin Goldberg joins Vikings writer and producer Michael Hirst to delve into the mysteries of the incredible Galloway Hoard.

Rectangular gilt-bronze mount depicting a lion, reused as a brooch in the grave of a woman and infant from Westness, Rousay, Orkney, length 66mm,
Rediscovering Viking-age Scotland with Michael Wood

Acclaimed historian and broadcaster Michael Wood joined Dr Adrián Maldonado, Glenmorangie Research Fellow, to discuss Adrián’s new book, 'Crucible of Nations: Scotland from Viking Age to Medieval Kingdom'. The book reassesses the museum’s Viking-age collections, uncovering an exciting new vision of Scotland’s diverse and creative past.

Unmask the Lewis chess pieces

Welcome to the world of the Lewis chess pieces! Discover all there is to know about these mysterious figures in this interactive resource.

Gold-coloured brooch and pin, intricately decorated with raised Pictish-style patterns and red gemstones.
Members’ Spotlight: New Insights on Viking Burials

Join us for this exclusive Member event to learn more about one of the rarest Viking-age discoveries in Scotland.

Vikings activity sheets

Download our fearsome Viking colouring sheets or have a go at making bread the Viking way.

Museum Screen Time: expert reacts to the Viking Age in pop culture

Join Galloway Hoard researcher Dr Adrián Maldonado as he reacts to depictions of the Viking Age in movies, TV and video games.

Golden pin shaped like a bird, with long, flat tail, upturned wings and flamingo-like beak.
The Galloway Hoard

The Galloway Hoard is the richest collection of rare and unique Viking-age objects ever found in Britain or Ireland.

Make your own Lewis chess piece

The Lewis chess pieces live in the National Museum of Scotland. Colour them in or cut out and make your own chess piece here.

Cluster of silver objects on a black surface viewed from above. Two decorated metal strips in the centre with 9 brooches, mostly round, surrounding them.
The Galloway Hoard: hoards and the Viking Age in historical context

Find out what a hoard is, how historians and archaeologists have interpreted them, and why the Galloway Hoard is truly unique.

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